Legislative/Congressional Program Analyst

18 Jul, 2021


Legislative/Congressional Program Analyst

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Alexandria, VA


· The Candidate shall create policy and writing testimony are inherently governmental responsibilities

· The Candidate shall identify, track, and monitor the implementation status of legislation (e.g., National Defense Authorization and Appropriations Acts), laws (i.e., United States Code, Title 10 Armed Forces), hearings (e.g., Senate and House Armed Services Committees, Senate and House Appropriations Committees, Senate and House Veterans Affairs Committee, etc.), and other congressional member or committee activities, engagements (e.g., DoD installation or facility site visits), and/or interests with DSPO equities (i.e., suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention; public health; mental health; military family members; resiliency, transitioning Service members to veteran status, etc.).

· The Candidate shall provide a weekly congressional/legislative update to DSPO that identifies issues/concerns and key interest items.

· The Candidate shall develop information papers and other written reports to support DSPO briefings, engagements, and taskers.

· The Candidate shall develop and manage a centralized tracking mechanism to gather, analyze, and monitor information (e.g., trends, legislation status, policy/legislative position of members, etc.) from sources such as governmental and commercial congressional and legal databases, news media, social media, members and committee newsletters, and other credible publication and communication resources.

· The Candidate shall support congressional engagements to include hearings, meetings, briefings, and roundtables by developing questions and answers, briefing slides, talking points, placemats, congressional face charts, and information papers, and other written reports. Review senior leader statements submitted to DSPO for coordination and review for errors, inconsistency with DSPO policy, and potentially inflammatory content and provide findings to DSPO.

· The Candidate shall monitor, update (after government approval), assess, and maintain the DSPO legislative strategy and posture statements (inclusive of leadership transition updates

· The Candidate shall gather and analyse information for congressional requests for information, inquiries, or questions for the record to provide a recommended course(s) of action as well as conduct reviews for errors, inconsistency with DSPO policy, and potentially inflammatory content and provide findings to DSPO.

· The Candidate shall gather, draft, track stakeholder coordination, and track the Annual Suicide Report development process, to include review for errors




The Candidate must possess Bachelor’s Degree.


· The Candidate must possess 5-10 years of relevant experience with congressional documentation and policy.

· The Candidate must have working knowledge of prevention (e.g., suicide prevention, interpersonal violence, community health, etc.)

· The Candidate must have experience supporting large, complex Cabinet-level federal agencies, ideally the DoD.

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Job posted: 2021-07-18