Washington, DC

The Manager of Government Relations (Senate) is responsible but not limited to tax, budget/spending, financial services, and healthcare issues before the Senate. Responsibilities include: establishing and maintaining contacts with Senate offices/committees, communicating the organization’s positions through lobbying efforts, influencing policy outcomes for the benefit of the NFIB membership, and leading/participating in coalitions of business organizations to promote NFIB’s positions within these coalitions. Conducts background research and analysis on legislation and legislative issues for the purpose of making policy recommendations and developing legislative initiatives. Monitors and reports on national political climate and specific political races; researches Senate races for potential NFIB involvement; and communicates NFIB’s position to the news media and the general public. The manager has involvement with the NFIB PAC distributions.


1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

2. Five (5) years relevant experience.

3. Specialized knowledge of Congress, the Senate, and the legislative process. Technical knowledge of Senate rules and procedures.

4. Knowledge of policy and political issues through previous work and research experience. Ability to analyze and draft legislative language.

5. An understanding of agency roles and their impact on current and future law. Ability to analyze and comment on regulations.

6. Established network of contacts on Capitol Hill.

7. Basic political campaign experience. Public relations and media affairs experience a plus. Ability to be a spokesperson for NFIB with print, radio, internet, and TV media on issues

8. Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills with strong interpersonal and organizational abilities.

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Job Posted: January 23, 2017