Manager, International Public Affairs

28 Jan, 2019


Manager, International Public Affairs

Chicago, IL

Job description

Globally, the Corporate Relations function is undergoing a transformation. Under the leadership of former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, we are creating a more modern, progressive & effective global function, with a clear, common commercial purpose of helping the business to strengthen and protect reputation to support growth.
There are Corporate Relations staff in all the markets and they now report in to the Corporate function, with a dotted line to country leadership. With global leadership and a more global mindset, the function is taking a global approach to reputational and regulatory risk, and will increasingly engage in thematic and proactive campaigning to build trust, respond to issues faster and more consistently and use data, analytics and superior insights for better decision-making.The position works closely with the broader Global Policy & Engagement team, including Public Affairs and Corporate Relations colleagues in the markets. The position leads engagement with a broad range of stakeholders to address issues and identify opportunities related to McDonald’s, with a primary focus on those relating to environmental impact and responsible sourcing. It also provides practical public affairs leadership, support and issue guidance to the markets across the world.

Public affairs, issues management and external engagement across a broad range of issues, with a primary focus on environmental impact and responsible sourcing.

  • Identifying and prioritizing reputational or regulatory issues and opportunities for the business and providing recommendations to shape/influence global and market-level business decisions and strategies.
  • External engagement with international stakeholders to shape and influence external agendas that impact the business and to improve brand trust and external validation that supports business goals and growth.
  • Leading global announcements and stakeholder engagement campaigns to support business strategies.
  • Supporting market awareness and capability building to manage evolving reputational and regulatory issues and drive public affairs expertise across the business.



  • Based on the business’ priorities, working with key internal stakeholders and team members to help create a global strategy and plan for issues management and external engagement to secure policy/regulatory outcomes, influence key target stakeholder audiences, mitigate reputational and regulatory risk, create positive reputational opportunities and build strong relationships across a broad range of issues
  • Proactively identifying and monitoring issues and opportunities for the global business, particularly related to environmental impact and responsible sourcing, using a range of tools including horizon-scanning and multiple internal and external sources (including suppliers and stakeholders)
  • Scenario planning and assessing the potential impacts on McDonald’s of evolving issues
  • Working with internal stakeholders across multiple functions in order to prioritise issues, taking account of potential impacts, likelihood of occurrence, degree of business preparedness and McDonald’s business priorities. Partnering with internal functions to agree a proactive, long term action plan on each issue, with clear objectives, leadership, accountabilities and KPIs
  • Identifying and prioritising key stakeholders and building understanding of stakeholder perceptions and areas of influence. Being able to use this analysis to strategically target stakeholders to support business objectives and influence outcomes on issues
  • Providing relevant intelligence and recommendations on reputational and regulatory risks to inform and influence business decisions and strategies. Acting as a reliable, trusted and essential partner to the business
  • Serving on cross-functional teams relating to McDonald’s reputation on people related subjects and developing strong relationships with these functions
  • Maintaining positive relationships with key business functions, including Supply Chain and Sustainability, Legal etc
  • Executing the strategy and plan for direct external engagement with global stakeholder audiences – including Inter-Governmental Organizations (e.g. the UN), international NGOs, think tanks, trade associations etc – to achieve reputational, policy and regulatory objectives and outcomes that directly impact the business around McDonald’s priority issues
  • Building and managing relationships with international stakeholders who influence global debate and policy outcomes that impact McDonald’s (networking, creating alliances and working formally and informally with intergovernmental organizations, influential NGOs, academia, think tanks, effective trade associations and relevant investors)
  • Maintaining appropriate notes on relationships through our engagement platform
  • Leading the public affairs plans for global reputation-based announcements in the areas of people and helping to manage integrated communications approaches with other CR colleagues
  • Drafting and developing messaging, statements, Q&A, speeches, relevant reports and briefing materials to support external engagement and launches
  • Guiding and preparing markets for global announcements and communications. Developing market toolkits, guidance and acting as a go-to person
  • Acting as the “go-to” person when related issues flare up, working in partnership with the media team and subject matter experts, as well as providing guidance and support to the local market teams
  • Building understanding, skills and capabilities in the markets to increase our capacity to proactively manage our stakeholder and issues landscape. Developing tools and resources to support this
  • Providing intelligence and guidance to the markets on stakeholder engagement, day to day issues management, and also working with local markets to address “wider impact issues” – reputational and regulatory issues that may affect other markets, especially where there is limited local resource

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Job posted: 2019-01-28