Managing Director of Campaigns and Communications

03 Nov, 2020


Managing Director of Campaigns and Communications

Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund (AFREF)
Washington, DC

Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund (AFREF) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit coalition of
more than 200 civil rights, community-based, consumer, labor, small business, investor, faithbased, civic groups, and individual experts. We fight to create a financial system that deconstructs
inequality and systemic racism and promotes a just and sustainable economy. AFREF invites
nominations and applications for a Managing Director of Campaigns and Communications. As a
key member of the senior leadership team and reporting to the Executive Director of AFREF, the
Managing Director will lead campaigns and communications work to increase our impact and
capacity to drive change.
The new Managing Director will lead a team of AFREF staff in campaigns and communications.
Leveraging skills and experience crafting effective campaign and communications strategies
s/he/they will develop and deploy effective tactics to mobilize staff and stakeholders to action and
take advantage of strategic opportunities.
As a member of the leadership team, the new Managing Director will partner with AFREF’s
leadership to build connectivity within teams, across the organization, and with coalition partners.
The new Managing Director will also bring an inclusive management style that supports staff
members to achieve their highest potential and is grounded in principles of equity and inclusion.
The successful candidate will have 15 plus years of relevant experience including 5 years of
management or leadership experience. S/he/they will understand the nuances of both
communications and campaign management and will bring relevant content expertise and lived
experience to AFREF’s work to advance economic justice.
The salary range for this position is $105k-120k plus benefits and will be determined on the basis
of experience and qualifications for the role.
This search is being conducted by the talent strategy firm, NPAG. Application instructions can be
found at the end of this document.

Americans for Financial Reform was formed in the wake of the 2008 economic crisis. They played
a leading role in winging passage of the Dodd Frank Financial Reform Act and the creation of the
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Currently, they are working for broader transformation of
the financial system, including fending off attacks on existing protections. AFR’s staff effectively
advances the agenda of their large and active coalition, which works together to advance an
economic and racial justice agenda.
AFREF is the sister organization to Americans for Financial Reform. AFREF and AFR are two separate
organizations that share a common vision. The strategies that the two organizations use to
accomplish their goals differ: AFR mobilizes its member organizations to advocate for the passage
of strong federal legislation; while AFREF focuses on public education campaigns regarding the
financial justice progress the nation has made, addressing continuing challenges, and the important
role of the federal government in addressing these challenges.
Through policy analysis, research, education, coalition building, media engagement, and outreach,
AFREF develops policy agendas, engages in the regulatory process to advance consumer financial
protection and Wall Street accountability, and builds public will for meaningful financial systems
change. Their sister organization Americans for Financial Reform advocates for legislative and
policy change to advance these goals. The rules and design of the financial system touch every
aspect of people’s lives in ways both obvious and less so, and AFREF’s work reflects this.
Leveraging AFREFs policy and research team’s unique expertise and relationships built by more
than a decade of effective coalition building, AFREF’s communications and campaigns get their
message out to broad audiences and to key decision-makers. They develop focused and ambitious
campaigns around their priority issues to mobilize individuals and organizations and build power
to drive change. AFREF shapes a proactive agenda, and responds to regulatory, financial markets,
and legislative events. They work inside the technical details of financial policy and are connected
to a broad network of grassroots and membership organizations. AFREF findsthe levers for change
that can remake who the economy works for and how.
Significant campaigns underway include fighting to end predatory debt trap loans; promoting
public banking alternatives, including postal banking; working for student debt cancellation;
moving the Federal Reserve to focus their COVID-19 response on measures that help those most
hurt by the health and economic crisis versus propping up the stock market; and taking on looting
by private equity and hedge funds that make billionaires and multi-millionaires richer by taking
money from workers and communities. With a strong and skilled staff of 23 led by Executive Director, Lisa Donner, AFREF is continuing to
grow and to build the infrastructure to support their expanding work. The Managing Director of
Campaigns and Communication is a new and critically important position as AFREF grows and rises
to meet the ever-evolving threats to justice and equity in the American economic system.
As a new executive level position at AFREF, the Managing Director of Campaigns and
Communications will have an opportunity to impact both the strategic and operational direction
for AFREF and its coalition partners. Although not an exhaustive list, the following challenges and
opportunities are key areas of concentration for the new hire:
Leading and advising on all aspects of leveraging resources to build public will and power to fight
for critical economic policy reform.
In collaboration with AFREF’s Executive Director, staff, and key partners, the new Managing
Director will bring strategic communications, campaigns, and leadership expertise to the work of
leading a team to clear objectives, while maintaining the agility to pivot to rapidly changing
circumstances. The new Managing Director will seek opportunities to deepen AFREF’s
understanding of and commitment to principles and integrated practices that reflect diversity,
equity, and inclusion.
Establish a clear narrative and framework that ties together AFREF’s diverse portfolio of work.
The new Managing Director will work closely with AFREF’s ED and staff to deeply understand and
tell the story of AFREF and its critical impact holding wall street accountable and protecting
communities from predatory economic practices and policy. S/he/they will co-create a
communication strategy that leverages AFREF’s team expertise across policy and campaign
activities. S/he/they will activate the team’s skills in journalism, social media, and insider
Washington politics to elevate issues and apply pressure when needed that reinforce the need for
policymakers to put economic and racial justice ahead of Wall Street interests in economic policy
decisions. The new Managing Director will also lead the development of written materials and web
content to ensure AFREF’s story is accessible and wide-reaching across audiences in order to
effectively amplify and focus on key stories and messages.
Lead a team to strategically advance campaigns that grow capacity and power of the
organization, their coalition and coalition partners, and creates the public and political will for
policy change.
The new Managing Director will collaborate with the Executive Director, managers of specific
campaigns, and the campaign staff to identify opportunities for impact, set ambitious goals,
develop multi-pronged strategies to advance them, build alliances, evaluate progress, learn from
their experiences, and adapt to changing circumstances. Provide mentorship and management to communications and campaign staff that helps build
and sustain a strong culture of inclusion, growth, and performance at all levels.
AFREF is committed to developing internal policies and practices that support a healthy and vibrant
culture where individuals at all levels can grow and thrive. The new Managing Director will have
an opportunity to contribute to the advancement of policies and practices internally that align with
AFREF’s stance as an anti-racist organization and will provide mentorship and connection to a
growing cohort of leaders within and beyond AFREF. S/he/they will intentionally build a team in
which members feel valued, empowered, have opportunities for continued growth and learning,
and are recognized for the unique contributions, perspectives, and commitment they bring to the
work. The new Managing Director will be a systems thinker with the ability to listen, motivate, and
execute in a fluid environment.
Identify, build, and nurture external strategic partnerships that help to advance key policy
The new Managing Director will be an important external representative for AFREF, working with
campaign and communications staff to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones to
garner support for AFREF’s priority areas. S/he/they will be an effective spokesperson and
storyteller who can measurably build public awareness of the systemic predatory harm and
injustice being committed against Americans by Wall Street and the financial system. In partnership
with the Executive Director, the new Managing Director will create funding strategies for
communications and advocacy priorities and contribute to overall fundraising efforts.
While no candidate will have all of the skills and experiences ideal for the role, priority areas of
qualification include:
• A commitment to economic and racial justice;
• Demonstrated experience designing, operationalizing, and leading effective campaign and
communications strategies that impact public policy; familiarity with organizational
branding and marketing strategies; ability to identify understand strategic opportunities;
• Five years of progressive leadership and management experience in a mission-driven, fastpaced, high-performance environment;
• A strong commitment to equity, inclusion, and power-building combined with the skill and
grace to bring a variety of lived experiences and perspectives into the work of social change;
• Experience with and enthusiasm for mentorship and staff development; strong ability to instill teams and networks with a sense of shared commitment and purpose; demonstrated
commitment to responsive, accountable leadership and proactively managing others to
take ownership, initiative, and action;
• A demonstrated innovator in communications and advocacy. A record of success driving
winning strategic campaigns, with an understanding of the political climate, emerging
issues, and opportunities for how to leverage AFREF’s unique space; demonstrated ability
to develop and manage effective communication and advocacy strategies to affect change;
• Proven track record of building and sustaining partnerships and alliances with diverse
organizations and stakeholders to expand impact;
• Exceptional communication skills including compelling public-speaking and persuasive
writing skills with the ability to translate complex, technical issues into accessible language
for wider audiences, including the media, senior officials, coalition partners, and donors;
fluency in using digital tools, including social media, to engage audiences is required; and
• Knowledge of financial and economic policy, and of the federal legislative and regulatory
More information about the Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund and Americans for
Financial Reform may be found at: .
Given the timing of our nation’s upcoming presidential election, we will accept applications
through December 1, 2020. Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible.
Applications including a cover letter describing your interest and qualifications, your resume (in
Word format), and where you learned of the position should be sent to: In
order to expedite the internal sorting and reviewing process, please type your name (Last, First)
as the only contents in the subject line of your e-mail.
AFREF is an equal opportunity employer and proudly values diversity.
Candidates of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Job posted: 2020-11-03