Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Washington, DC

Job description


Leads and executes strategies that advance the Association’s policy objectives (legislative, regulatory, and administrative) with key White House and Administration policy decision makers and political office holders, by building and strengthening relationships with those individuals.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Leads the development, implementation, and management of a strategy to improve the visibility and impact of BCBSA staff and Plans with White House and Administration elected officials and political appointees. This includes ensuring that key information regarding visits, policy positions, initiatives, and other activity is captured, maintained, and easily retrieved. It means developing/executing an action plan that will achieve the following:

  • Maintain visibility and access of CEO, SVP, and department VP;
  • Position Association as a critical thought leader on issues impacting Blue Plans;
  • Impact positively Administration decision makers to shape and influence outcomes on BCBSA policy objectives;
  • Ensure that BCBSA is represented in all policy discussions impacting Blue Plan business; and
  • Gain the latest intelligence on all activities involving Administration decision makers and our policy objectives.

It also requires the development, fostering, and strengthening of personal relationships with those officials and their staff so these relationships can be utilized to deliver and reinforce BCBSA’s position and policy objectives goals.

Develops, leads, and executes all strategies related to advancing BCBSA priorities with White House and Administration officials to ensure they are aware and appropriately engaged on key BCBSA issues. Achieving this function will require:

  • Maintain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of Plan business interests/practices and assesses the effect of legislation and policy.
  • Engaging Plan leadership in lobbying activities when appropriate in support of BCBS positions (e.g., including Plan lobbying, coalition building, and local media resources).
  • Maintains continuous communication and interaction with lobbying staff of Plans to assure and demonstrate BCBSA “value added.”

Leads strategies on assigned issues and coordinates strategy-related activities. This function will require close coordination with the Policy department to assure that all legislative and regulatory proposals that could affect Plan business initiatives are analyzed and that policy is developed. It will also be necessary to partner with other lobbyists, 3rd party, grassroots, and political team, state affairs team, and media team.

Participates with OPR senior management to set the overall strategic direction for the BCBSA legislative and policy objectives. Leadership includes participation in developing acceptable legislative and policy positions, devising effective and innovative ideas and initiatives, building and coordinating with others in OPR to mobilize coalitions, securing appropriate media attention, engaging consulting resources, organizing and managing strategy activities, and driving execution of strategies.

Achieving this function will require monitoring and interpreting legislative and regulatory events/developments, communicating lobbying positions and rationale to Plans, BCBSA officers, and other interested parties in order to maintain system-wide support for Associations legislative strategies. It will be necessary from time to time to represents BCBSA at external coalitions, associations, or other forums to present and/or obtain information on issues impacting BCBSA and the System.


Required Basic Qualifications:

  • 10 years related experience in healthcare lobbying and/or policy.
  • Comprehensive understanding and demonstrated knowledge of the health care industry and the dynamics of the federal legislative and regulatory environment.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the factors affecting regulatory and legislative policy developments.
  • Must have strong political sense, excellent communications skills and ability to navigate ever-changing political environment
  • Experience in communicating policy views to executive branch and knowledge of the White House and Administration environment.
  • 4 year college degree.

Preferred Basic Qualifications:

  • Direct experience working on healthcare issues within a White House or Administration;
  • Direct experience lobbying White House and Administration officials;
  • Direct experience as senior staff for a Member of Congress.

Equal Opportunity Employer:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is an equal opportunity employer. We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, gender identity, disability, veteran status, genetic information or any other legally protected characteristics.

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Job Posted: September 9, 2017