National Policy Manager

14 Apr, 2021


National Policy Manager


EVHybridNoire is seeking a National Policy Manager to lead our federal advocacy efforts and support our city- and state-level advocacy work. We are looking for candidates with experience and interest in all aspects of e-mobility and transportation advocacy and policy analysis. Qualified  candidates will be deeply committed to equity and justice, and have at least some understanding of how those issues intersect with transportation. This position is a great opportunity for an entrepreneurial individual to join a small but quickly growing team, take on a lot of responsibility from Day 1, and make a difference in advancing access to electric vehicles across the country.


About EVHybridNoire

EVHybridNoire is the nation’s largest network of diverse electric vehicle drivers and enthusiasts. An organization with a passionate and dedicated team, our mission is to advance EVs and other “e-mobility” solutions–and ensure those solutions are inclusive and equitable. We engage with communities often left out of e-mobility discussions, advocate for e-mobility solutions in underserved communities, and shift the narrative about e-mobility to be more inclusive of diverse populations. Specifically, our work involves a mix of grassroots engagement, media outreach, research, speaking engagements, and advocacy and decision-maker education. That work spans many aspects of e-mobility and equity, including climate justice, workforce development, public health, multimodal mobility and creative financing of e-mobility solutions. We’re currently focused on growing our organization to meet expanding demand for our advocacy efforts and thought leadership.


Key Responsibilities

A typical day in your role might look like: meeting with staff at the U.S. Department of Transportation regarding how best to infuse equity into federal e-mobility programs; drafting a policy brief explaining EVHybridNoire’s position on EV registration fees; reviewing a press release to ensure we accurately explain the equity impacts of a policy or program; collaborating with EVHN’s Midwest Program Manager to draft testimony for a Chicago City Council hearing on electric buses; and briefing the EVHN team on how a recent federal bill’s passage will impact our state-level work.


In the role, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Developing a federal advocacy strategy and annual plans through which EVHybridNoire can advance our mission and programmatic goals
  • Regularly meeting with federal elected officials, regulators, agency staff and coalition partners, and advocating for equitable e-mobility policy solutions in those settings
  • Analyzing federal, state and local e-mobility and transportation policies, summarizing them for the EVHN team, and recommending EVHN’s position on those policies
  • Supporting EVHN’s regional staff with their advocacy work around local- and state-level policy campaigns
  • Drafting policy proposals, testimony, issue briefs, op-eds and longer research papers that advance EVHybridNoire’s priorities
  • Reviewing our op-eds, press releases, blogs and other externally-facing communications work to ensure accurate summaries of policies and their impacts
  • Building and nurturing working relationships with decision-makers, advocacy partners and opinion leaders in the e-mobility space
  • Briefing other EVHN team members regarding key federal policy developments
  • Drafting updates and reports on our work for internal and external audiences


Key Skills & Experience

  • At least 5-7 years of advocacy and policy experience in transportation or a similar field
  • An understanding of policy-making processes broadly, and the ability to think strategically about how to navigate those processes
  • An understanding of how policy can result in real-world impacts, as well as an understanding of the limits of what policies alone can achieve
  • A proven ability to build and cultivate working relationships with policymakers and their staff, including policymakers who champion equity and justice and who represent underserved communities
  • Knowledge of transportation electrification broadly, and some understanding of how e-mobility intersects with issues of equity, diversity and justice
  • Existing relationships in Washington, D.C. within the transportation and/or equity arenas
  • Experience analyzing policy proposals and summarizing those policies’ substance and impact for diverse audiences
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with a great attention to detail
  • A proven ability to juggle and complete multiple tasks with minimal supervision, ideally in a remote working environment


Desirable Skills & Experience

  • Experience applying an equity lens to transportation advocacy and campaigns
  • Staff management experience
  • Fluency in Spanish is a plus
  • Familiarity with Trackbill software


If you meet a majority of but not all of the criteria for this position, but you think you’d be a great fit in this role, please get in touch.



US; Remote, though there is a strong preference for this position to be based in Washington, D.C. When convening in person is safe and COVID-19 travel guidelines are updated accordingly, occasional travel to represent EVHybridNoire at key stakeholder meetings and events will be expected.


Salary & Benefits

Depending on experience (including unpaid and other experiences) and capacity to take on responsibility, the salary range is $85,000 – $100,000.


EVHybridNoire is committed to creating a workplace that supports our staff to do their best work and develop professionally. This position will have the following in place to help us achieve that:

  • Healthcare
  • Retirement benefits
  • Paid vacation and paid holidays
  • Coaching and management support with regular 1:1 meetings
  • Performance reviews and feedback to support you and the team to reflect and grow
  • A co-developed initial 3 month work plan to help you hit the ground running and have clarity on your role and responsibilities


EVHybridNoire is an equal opportunity employer with a justice-centered mission, and we make a particular effort to recruit people of color to apply for open positions.


How to Apply

Apply here. Applications close on May 2, 11:59 PM PT.

Job posted: 2021-04-13