Policy Administrator – (163338)

19 Sep, 2021


Policy Administrator – (163338)


We are currently seeking a Policy Administrator to join our team. In this role you will have broad exposure within our organization, working across our matrix structure to help:

  • Participate in the development, maintenance, and communication of policies and related documents with policy owners, and
  • Support and reinforce HDR’s Information Lifecycle Governance (ILG) program and business process development and improvement for internal clients.

The Policy Administrator role requires top notch communication skills, and the ability to coordinate, distill and translate stakeholder intent into documented policies and procedures with the overarching intent of managing company risk.  Success in the role will require superior organizational, listening and comprehension skills, and a high level of attention to detail and follow-through.  Knowledge of policy and business process practices in the architecture, engineering, planning and construction industry will give you an advantage in this position.

Managed as part of our Enterprise Risk Program, policies and procedures are the guidebook for our business administration, finance and global operations, and are a key component of managing risk for HDR. Policy development is guided by the goal of a thin rulebook such that requirements are defined, yet prescriptive direction is limited to the extent possible.

As part of our Enterprise Risk Program, you will also work our Business Process and ILG team to support organizational efforts.  Our business processes are a collection of linked tasks that define the execution of internal activities and/or services-delivery to clients. Our ILG program is a business initiative that governs the quality, protection and use of our records.


More detailed duties include:

Policies & Procedures


Under guidance and direction from the Policy, ILG and Business Process Director:

  • Support the company’s specific business functions, allowing them to effectively identify and author policies needed by their operations.
  • Provide guidance to business functions in the use of tools and resources that support effective policy development.
  • Provide sufficient governance to maintain a consistent approach to content organization and editorial style such that a coherent, corporate set of policy documents is maintained.

Support the Policy, ILG and Business Process Director in:

  • Navigating the Executive and Corporate Leadership Team approval process.
  • Coordinating stakeholder input, maintaining formatting and style consistency, and providing a forum for and suggestions toward resolving input conflicts.
  • Tracking policy development status and schedule.
  • Maintaining the Policies & Procedures SharePoint site.
  • Providing the necessary information to support the company’s annual policy acknowledgement practices.
  • Providing the Policy, ILG and Business Process Director a monthly report summary of policy development status including recently completed and issued; in-progress with target date; and identified/approved/not-yet-started policies.


Additional Duties

Provide support as needed for the HDR’s data governance program (Information Lifecycle Governance, ILG) and Business Process groups, as part of a cooperative and cohesive team.  Such duties may include development or finalization of business process documentation and tools (job aids, checklists) in support of policies, standards, and guidelines developed by corporate leadership and Business Process Owners (BPOs), or support of ILG functions and processes including electronic file management (EFM), retention schedules, hard copy destruction, and ILG policy and training efforts.



 Required Qualifications

  • 5+ years’ professional experience with a focus on implementation of policy and/or business process and standards.
  • Knowledge and understanding of global business standards (such as ISO) and government regulations.
  • Knowledge and experience developing or implementing policy standards for implementation in the AEC industry.
  • Strong interviewing, team facilitation, and meeting skills while working and communicating with cross functional workgroups and senior management roles.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent written communication skills, with an ability to write with clarity and translate concepts visually.
  • Analytical, organized, and efficient.
  • Even disposition and able to withstand pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Familiarity with business systems and technology applications.
  • Strong drive to succeed.
  • Potential for overnight travel away from home office 1-5 nights per month.


Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum of one certification related to quality, auditing or business process improvement. Examples: American Society of Quality (ASQ) and certifications in auditing, quality management, or business process; or lean six sigma principles.
  • A well-rounded background in policy and/or business process leadership in the architecture, engineering, planning and construction industry.
  • Experience as a consultant delivering services to external clients in the AEC business.



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Job posted: 2021-09-19