Policy Analyst

21 Dec, 2020


Policy Analyst

Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology, LLC
San Francisco, CA

Climate change is governed by inexorable, physical facts—about carbon sources,
accumulation, impacts, and timing, and then, symmetrically, about solutions that
work. These facts must inform strategy: they show that avoiding dangerous climate
change is only possible by strong policy to cut carbon, promptly, in the biggest
To address these issues, Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology, LLC (EI) was
established in 2012 as a clean energy and environmental policy firm to provide
timely research and analysis on low-carbon energy policy options to policy makers,
thought leaders, and members of the media. The EI team has expertise in energy
efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable urban development, technological
innovation, and energy policy design.
Energy Innovation focuses its efforts in areas where policy solutions can have a
serious impact on carbon emissions. To do this, EI synthesizes the best available
research and performs original quantitative analysis on policies and technologies.
EI’s current project list includes:
• Policies to help utilities integrate large shares of renewable energy into the
electric grid and electrify end-uses such as transportation, buildings, and
industrial processes
• Energy and climate policy for China, designed to drive an early peak, then
rapid decline, in carbon emissions
• Energy policy modeling for many countries, including China, USA, India,
Indonesia, Mexico, Canada, and Saudi Arabia
• Guidelines and policies for sustainable urbanization in China
• Policies to decarbonize CaliforniaEnergy Innovation is a mission-driven organization that has the look and feel of a
start-up, the ambition of a non-profit, and the professionalism of a top-notch
Learn more about Energy Innovation at www.energyinnovation.org!
Position Responsibilities
Energy Innovation seeks a smart, highly motivated analyst with an understanding of
electric or gas utility regulation, and strong quantitative and communications skills
to join its team. The Policy Analyst will report to the Director of Electricity Policy.
Specifically, the Policy Analyst, Power Sector Transformation will be responsible
• Quantitative analysis related to electricity market design, utility finance, and
technology costs, as well as support on modeling efforts
• Drafting, editing, and sharpening written materials, including policy papers,
communications with policy makers, thought leaders, and members of the
media, blog entries, press releases, and op-eds
• Supporting policy analysis through production of quality information,
including written summaries, graphs, charts, and infographics, on tight
• Obtaining information from diverse sources, such as reports, data hunting,
regulatory dockets, academic journal articles, and by attending presentations
and conducting interviews
• Answering key questions in a focused, succinct manner, backed up by solid
• Sensitivity to the political implications of research and the way it is
• Keeping a keen eye to ensure that social justice and equity are reflected in
policy analysis; ensuring that issues facing low-income populations and
those of color are reflected accurately and appropriately
Profile of the Successful Candidate
Energy Innovation seeks a skilled, creative professional with well-honed analytical
skills to serve as a Policy Analyst. The successful candidate will have strong
research skills, effective writing abilities and a disposition toward finding solutions
in a complicated arena.More specifically, Energy Innovation seeks a professional who demonstrates the
following qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree in energy- or environment-related field with superior
academic record; graduate degree or equivalent additional work experience
in law, economics, electrical engineering, or finance preferred
• Two or more years of work experience in any of the following areas (highly
relevant advanced academic research or work will also be considered):
o Climate, energy, or environmental policy or advocacy, e.g. at a
nonprofit, a member of a political staff, etc.
o Energy systems modeling and analysis
o Utility regulation
o Wholesale electricity market transactions, regulation, or analysis.
o Financial analysis in the energy industry
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Top notch quantitative analytical skills
• Interest in and familiarity with U.S. electricity and energy policy
• Strong understanding of the fundamentals of electricity regulation,
electricity project finance, or utility finance
• Experience with electricity system modeling
• Deep interest, passion, and commitment to rationalizing toward progressive
energy policy to reduce climate change
The selected candidate will also demonstrate the following qualities:
• Team player, with a commitment to working in a diverse team, respecting
cultural sensitivity and differences
• Self-motivated and entrepreneurial, but able to work well with others
• Eager to take on a wide variety of tasks
• Demonstrated ability to prioritize and be flexible in a fast-paced, constantly
evolving and collaborative environment
• Collegial approach, excellent interpersonal skills, and a sense of humor
• Innate collaborator; open to input
• Ability to understand the intersections of climate change, social justice, and
power/energy policy
Start Timeframe
We seek to have someone in place in early Spring 2021.
CompensationThis position offers a competitive salary, and excellent benefits. We actively
welcome all candidates from a wide range of backgrounds who have the skills to
fulfill this role – regardless of compensation history.
To Apply
All applications are held in strict confidence. Please submit your credentials and a
letter of interest through our private applicant portal to The 360 Group at:
Applications should be directed to the attention of Maureen Capitolo, Principal, or
Vincent Robinson, Managing Partner. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling
basis; earlier applicants may receive priority consideration. To be considered, The
360 Group encourages all interested candidates to submit their applications
promptly, via the confidential applicant portal linked above.
At The 360 Group, we know that a richly diverse mix of professionals makes
organizations more effective. Using that principle as our “North Star,” we make
diversity a hallmark of our firm, and all of our search engagements.
Learn more about The 360 Group at the360group.us.

Job posted: 2020-12-21