Policy Analyst

22 Dec, 2020


Policy Analyst

Frontier Group
Boston, MA/Denver, CO

Frontier Group policy analysts work on a range of issues, and develop expertise in a few. We write reports, op-eds, blog entries and journal articles that insert the results of our research into the public debate. We develop training materials, fact sheets and social media ideas for advocates and organizers.

In this job you will:

  • Review and draw conclusions from recent research in environmental science, public health, economics, and other fields.
  • Do quantitative analysis of existing data sets and sometimes collect original data through interviews, surveys and collaboration with academic researchers.
  • Write clear, concise, message-driven reports.
  • Produce op-eds, journal articles, social media, fact sheets and other communications to disseminate the results of our research.
  • Evaluate policy alternatives and work with advocates on the ground to develop policy principles and proposals.
  • Take part in organization-building activities including recruitment, fundraising and staff training.


We need you to have the drive, creativity and skills to take complex data and distill it into clear, powerful conclusions that are easy to communicate to decision-makers and the public. Ideally you have experience with designing analytical approaches, applying core statistical concepts and translating scientific information for a lay audience. Additionally, experience with modeling, geospatial analysis, database design, and/or the development of on-line and mobile database tools will be considered a strong plus.

Candidates must have at least three years of experience in public interest advocacy, journalism, or policy analysis and development, OR an advanced degree in a relevant field plus some experience in public interest advocacy, journalism, or policy analysis and development. We evaluate candidates based on writing ability, experience in political or public interest work, academic record, and reasoning and research skills. We especially look for candidates who are “quick studies,” function well under deadlines, and have demonstrated both leadership and the ability to work well as part of a team, especially in a social change-driven context.


Target annual compensation for this position is commensurate with the relevant professional experience and/or advanced degrees that a candidate has. Frontier Group offers a competitive benefits package.


Boston or Denver preferred

Start Date for Current Opening

We’re accepting applications for a position starting in Spring 2021.

To Apply

Prepare a resume and cover letter and submit your application at http://workforprogress.org/apply/?pos=Policy+Analyst&org=Frontier+Group&id=106. Please include a list of references in your cover letter document. If we are interested in your application after reviewing your resume and cover letter, we will send you an email asking you to submit a writing sample and complete a brief questionnaire.

Job posted: 2020-12-22