Policy Analyst

17 Mar, 2021


Policy Analyst

United Parents
Sacramento, CA


Policy Analysts work to influence political and public policy events, as well as raise public awareness on different policy issues. This involves conducting research, analyzing current public policies and legislation, evaluating the effects of proposed legislation, and reporting on findings. The Policy Analyst for United Parents specialize and build their expertise in the area of children’s behavioral health care. Policy Analysts typically work long and irregular hours, with a mix of office-based work, field work, and travel. This job is well suited/intended for a parent or primary caretaker of a child(ren) who has behavioral health care needs; who is passionate about progress and implementing change in children’s behavioral health care; who is a strong communicator; and who has an analytical approach to interpreting and reporting on data.

Essential Functions:

Reviewing Legislation and Policies: A key part of this job is to review and evaluate public policies and legislation to determine the benefits and impact of any changes that may occur. This involves identifying positive elements as well as any elements that would not be of benefit to children’s behavioral health care.

· Collaborating with Stakeholders: The Policy Analyst collaborates with stakeholders to determine the needs, concerns, and viewpoints of documents, and to understand what the goals are of a project.

· Gathering Data: The Policy Analyst gathers and reports on both quantitative and qualitative data, analyzing it for any trends or important information that may be useful in formulating positions on both public policy and legislation.

· Evaluating the Effects of Existing Policies: The Policy Analyst examines the effects of current public policies and programs, such as whether a new policy would have a positive impact on the children’s behavioral health care system and whether it would help the system achieve certain goals.

· Writing Reports: The Policy analyst formulates reports which condense and summarize information and display key ideas for stakeholders to review.

· Membership Committee Attendance: The Policy Analyst maintains committee membership and works with committees to be well-informed of the public policy and legislative issues pertaining to California’s behavioral health care system.

Supervisory Responsibilities:


Knowledge Skills and Abilities:

· Required experience as the parent or primary caregiver of a child with behavioral health care needs

· Working knowledge of public policies related to children behavioral health care

· Working knowledge of the legislative process in California

· Understanding of the behavioral health care system in California

· High organizational and time-management skills

· Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills

· Good interpersonal and social skills

· Exceptional team player with a strong ability to contribute positively to a team environment

· Able to sit in front of a computer screen for long hours at a time

Job Requirements:

  • Conduct research and analysis of public policy issues and legislation related to children’s behavioral health care in the various child serving systems (behavioral health, child welfare, juvenile justice, and schools).
  • Collaborate with other policy staff at various advocacy organizations, as well as our partner organizations.
  • Share your work in various formats, including a monthly child and family policy update, in issue briefs and fact sheets distributed to policymakers and the public, and in presentations to various groups.
  • Develop strategic responses to state policy developments and working with the team to develop and carry out issue-based campaigns.
  • You’ll be encouraged to develop as a professional. This can include attendance at conferences and trainings, development of new skills and knowledge, and taking on new roles and responsibilities within the organization.
  • Actively participate in the organization, including regular team meetings, assisting in the planning and execution of statewide events and participating in all activities related to statewide grants.

Please email resume to Melissa Hannah- mhannah@unitedparents. org

Job posted: 2021-03-17