Policy Director

01 Nov, 2021


Policy Director

Healthier Colorado
Denver, CO

Job Title: Policy Director

Reports to: Senior Director of Public Affairs

Healthier Colorado is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to raising the voices of Coloradans in the public policy process to improve the health of our state’s residents. We believe that every Coloradan should have an equal opportunity of living a healthy life. Healthier Colorado aims to make meaningful change to improve people’s health throughout our state’s diverse communities.

We are the only health advocacy organization in the country that deploys the full range of political activity—from political giving, to grassroots organizing, to lobbying, to running an in-house canvass to further our mission. We believe in the power of public policy and in the power of voters being informed participants in our democracy. Mixing politics and health is uncommon work, but we’re comfortable being a bit of a unicorn.

Position Overview

Healthier Colorado is looking for an individual who is excited at the prospect of identifying the barriers people face in becoming or staying healthy and identifying public policy solutions to help overcome identified challenges. The Policy Manager will serve as Healthier Colorado’s lead on policy research and analysis to help inform our ballot and legislative campaigns. They will serve as an issue expert to key decision makers, and, as appropriate, testify on behalf of the organization in support or opposition to policy decisions. This individual will also represent Healthier Colorado externally in coalition efforts to help in identifying challenges and help shape the solutions.

Job Duties

Policy Responsibilities

  • Identify opportunities for Healthier Colorado to lead state public policy campaigns in the immediate, short term and long term.
  • Develop public policy goals and bottom lines for priority statewide policy campaigns.
  • In coordination with Senior Director of Public Affairs, develop Healthier Colorado’s annual state public policy agenda.
  • Evaluate, state legislative and regulatory developments and assess its impact on Healthier Colorado’s public policy goals.
  • Make recommendations to Healthier Colorado’s senior staff on policy positions the organization should take on introduced legislation and regulations.
  • Provide policy research, and develop supporting materials needed to advance policy campaigns
  • Create and maintain up-to-date research documents on Healthier Colorado’s annual policy priorities.
  • Work with all Healthier Colorado departments to ensure accuracy and consistency in messaging key policy campaigns to external audiences.

Coalition and Stakeholder Management

  • Identify key partners necessary to advance Healthier Colorado’s priority state policy campaigns.
  • Recruit members and build coalitions to advance state policy legislative and ballot campaigns.
  • Represent Healthier Colorado on state coalitions to assist in the development of key public policies.
  • Identify, cultivate, and maintain relationships with key stakeholders to advance Healthier Colorado’s Public Policy objectives.
  • Identify, cultivate, and maintain relationships within key regulatory agencies to ensure proper implementation of policy campaigns.

Leadership Roles

  • As appropriate, represent Healthier Colorado in key Legislative or regulatory hearings.
  • Provide necessary updates and relevant policy information on upcoming legislative or ballot measures with Healthier Colorado’s Development Director in order to collaborate on fundraising opportunities.
  • Staff and in consultation with Senior Staff engage the newly created Community Advisory Committee in establishing Healthier Colorado’s state current and future policy campaigns.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  • 5-7 years of experience in lobbying, policy, government affairs, legislative work or similar.
  • Familiarity with Colorado’s legislative process
  • Demonstrated experience in high quality policy research and analysis
  • Experience leading coalitions and stakeholder meetings
  • Demonstrated ability to lead policy campaigns
  • Experience in tracking legislation and/or regulatory policies.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills.
  • Able to work both independently and in a team environment.
  • Strong time management and organizational skills.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects, simultaneously

Healthier Colorado Non-Discrimination Policy

Healthier Colorado is dedicated to the principles of equal employment opportunity in any term, condition or privilege of employment. Healthier Colorado does not discriminate in employment or advancement opportunities on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation (including gender identity and gender expression), disability or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law.

We believe that traditional hiring practices have historically and systemically marginalized entire groups of people — including people of color, people from different socio-economic backgrounds, women, and people in the LGBTQIA+ community, to name a few. We believe that we are better as an organization when we work to deconstruct barriers and build a team that has authentic representation from diverse communities, backgrounds and beliefs. Hence, we strongly encourage qualified candidates from those mentioned, as well as other marginalized communities, to apply for roles within our team.

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Job posted: 2021-11-01