Political Engagement Manager

26 Jan, 2021


Political Engagement Manager

Washington, DC

Political Engagement Manager

DataRobot, one of the best funded artificial intelligence firms in America, is looking for a Political Engagement Manager to support the company’s burgeoning public policy program. The successful applicant will have at least three years of experience in managing a political engagement strategy for a corporation or five years of experience in political fundraising.

This is a unique opportunity to work with a public policy forward company whose core values are to change the world for the better with AI and define artificial intelligence in the public policy space.

The government relations program has direct support from the CEO and wide support throughout the company.

Political Engagement Manager’s responsibilities

  • Oversee the processes for establishing and registering a DataRobot PAC
  • Create a PAC fundraising strategy for DataRobot
  • Work with the Corporate Communications Manager to develop internal messaging to support the rollout of the PAC and ongoing PAC activities
  • In coordination with Vice President for Global Government Affairs, prepare and maintain federal PAC candidate contribution budget to ensure alignment of PAC activities with DataRobot’s legislative strategy
  • Create and maintain an annual PAC marketing/operations budget
  • Develop a record-keeping system for all PAC activities, donors and disbursements to comply with FEC regulation
  • Identify charities to be eligible for PAC Match Program and coordinate donations to charities.
  • Identify and recruit DataRobot employees to govern PAC
  • Design employee outreach program to promote political education & advocacy among DataRobot employees
  • Develop and execute strategies to inform DataRobot employees of public policy issues pertinent to company & identify opportunities for DataRobot employees to engage with their legislators
  • Organize events to educate and recruit advocacy volunteers and/or PAC contributions
  • Collaborate with the government affairs team to develop and implement legislative strategy
  • Work closely with outside legal counsel to assure compliance with FEC regulations
  • Manage LDA compliance for DataRobot government relations team
  • Research, monitor and obtain information from other companies on current fundraising trends in order to implement new ideas into existing fundraising activities.
  • Develop relationships with other fundraising professionals to stay abreast of of best practices in PAC fundraising
  • Assist the Vice President for Global Government Affairs in developing and executing a public policy strategy, of which employee political engagement will be a component.

Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree and at least three years of experience in managing a political engagement program for a corporation or five year of experience in political fundraising
  • Knowledge of Federal and state fundraising laws and regulations
  • Experience attending to more than one issue /project with more than one completion date simultaneously
  • Basic level skill in the Google suite of office products
  • Ability to identify gaps in the government affairs team and willingness to take on new responsibilities to forward the public policy agenda of DataRobot
  • Enthusiasm for cutting edge technology and willingness to work in a startup environment
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Job posted: 2021-01-26