COLA, Inc.
Columbia, MD


The person in this position will demonstrate COLA values; promote and sell COLA programs; hold an intentional mind-set and seek coaching, when needed, and ensure the success of the “total organization”. The position will actively support COLA Leadership and COLA’s Strategic Plans that focus on sustaining and furthering COLA’s growth and development

  1. Treat everyone, internally and externally, as customers and work with individuals and teams in an appropriate manner to achieve the mission and goals of the organization.
  2. Lead the organization, by example and counseling, to seek excellence in its activities and to adhere to COLA principles and culture.
  3. Maintain uniformity of performance activities by adhering to COLA standard operating procedures and established performance standards.
  4. Promote and participate in the selling and cross-promotion of COLA products and services.
  5. The position will support and perform other work-related duties as assigned.


Public Relations

  • Manage COLA’s public relations activities, including drafting and editing press releases, talking points, feature articles, op-eds and written materials prepared for external audiences.
  • Serve as a designated media contact for all media inquiries and coordinate responses with COLA’s executive representatives.
  • Perform research and collaborate with COLA’s subject-matter experts to write key strategic messages for internal and external audiences.
  • Manage activities of external PR firm/firms.
  • Set metrics to track and evaluate the success of our PR activities.
  • Create strong business relationships with other healthcare organizations with which COLA should have a relationship.
  • Research and write fresh content for use on COLA’s social media and Internet sites.

Social Media and Lab Testing Matters

  • Manage and provide content for COLA’s social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn).
  • Develop and maintain schedule for ensuring freshness of COLA social media and Internet presence, including updating of news items.
  • Set and meet metrics and evaluate success in social media.
  • Connect and engage with industry leaders on social media.
  • Build and maintain relationships with individuals and organizations for the Lab Testing Matters Blog.
  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the Lab Testing Matters Blog including creating and securing content, editing content, posting to the site, sharing via social media.
  • Consider strategic opportunities for improving the visibility of COLA and Lab Testing Matters.
  • Create and distribute monthly Lab Testing Matters newsletters via email communication.


  • Monitor Google Analytics for both Lab Testing Matters and
  • Serve as business owner of the Website Content Management Process and ensure that all web content stays current, accurate and relevant.
  • Develop web resources including web forms, landing pages, and email marketing templates.
  • Facilitate changes to and COLAcentral through the Website Content Management Process.
  • Serve as an administrator to all COLA websites including, LabTestingMatters, GiveBack365, MyConsultantCentral, etc.

Internal Communication:

  • Support preparation for the Keeping Up with COLA (KUC) employee communication events including developing corresponding poll questions, announcement of the meeting to all staff, technical set-up, and distribution of any additional information to staff after the meeting.
  • Serve as a back-up to the HR Manager as the administrator to COLA Virtual HQ intranet site.
  • Manage internal polling platform for COLA Employees and the Office of the CEO for employee feedback polls. Conduct new-hire trainings.
  • Draft and coordinate communication materials for key COLA stakeholders including a Board of Directors email communication and quarterly COLAborators Report for Member CEOs.

Other Duties:

  • Provide assistance to the Innovation Division, Marketing Division and any other departments within the organization.
  • Conduct frequent research to stay abreast of latest healthcare trends and evaluate those trends for opportunities and threats.

Technical Skills / Understanding:

  • Excellent technical computer skills and understanding
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Knowledge and understanding of Social Media Platforms and best practices
  • Knowledge and understanding of PR best practices
  • Competency in website management platforms such as WordPress
  • Email Marketing platforms such as MailChimp and Constant Contact
  • Experience with basic HTML manipulation is a plus
  • Experience with Google Analytics is a plus
  • Experience with developing multimedia (editing videos and graphics) is a plus


  • Identifies organization’s mission
  • Understands the organizations products or service
  • Understands one’s role in process of services
  • Explains one’s role in Quality Systems Management (ISO) and uses industry standards for improvement
  • Demonstrates respect for individual differences (age, race, culture, gender)
  • Interacts with others in ways that are tactful, courteous, and friendly and negotiates compromise and agreement(demonstrates COLA values)
  • Displays responsible work behaviors (absenteeism, willingness, follow policy, manages time effectively)
  • Displays responsible personal behaviors (appropriate grooming, dress, & professional demeanor)
  • Follows health and safety rules/procedures
  • Applies principles of Standard English language usage, grammar, mechanics, and spelling in written work
  • Identifies work-related vocabulary in various contexts (acronyms; terminology)
  • Differentiates fact from opinion and relevant from irrelevant information
  • Analyzes information from documents to draw conclusions or make decisions
  • Demonstrates active listening skills
  • Demonstrate a proactive mindset.
  • Identifies the customer’s needs or problems and ensures customer satisfaction
  • Interprets information obtained through observations
  • Communicates observations to others, when appropriate
  • Analyzes and evaluates orally presented information and draws appropriate conclusions
  • Organizes and paces presentation to facilitate audience understanding of message
  • Uses questioning strategies effectively to obtain or clarify information
  • Interprets use of numbers in documents and in various settings
  • Demonstrates critical, creative, and reflective thinking skills needed to identify problems, analyze and evaluate various solutions, implement solutions and monitor their effectiveness
  • Identifies decision-making options; analyzes and evaluates options; implements decision and evaluates consequences
  • Shows willingness to apply new skills and knowledge and accepts new or changed responsibilities


  • Four year college degree required.
  • Educational background and experience in the Public Relations and Communications fields.
  • Demonstrated fluency in social media communications.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • 3-4 years of relevant professional experience (internships counted towards experience).
  • Past experience in healthcare a plus but not necessary.

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Job Posted: February 15, 2017