Program Coordinator, Public Affairs (EMEA)

26 Apr, 2022


Program Coordinator, Public Affairs (EMEA)

About is a remote-first global workforce that began in France. Our founders are committed to a better way, and that common thread continues today in each of our staff. We’re inspired by a future where digital infrastructure is at once everywhere and invisible. Where innovation and collaboration can easily flow, without technical barriers.

We’re a collective of diverse backgrounds seated together, testing, innovating, challenging each other, and reflecting on new ways to improve digital experiences. We’re here to help our customers thrive.

Bring your experience to our team and help us build a better way.

Position Summary

As our Program Coordinator, Public Affairs, you will centralize and help prioritize our actions around public affairs. you will be part of the Strategy Department, but work closely with the product and engineering group  (as well as on some aspects, finance, sales and marketing).

In its domain, is probably one of the most disruptive European players. We do the cloud differently. And while we are a global player we want to keep our French and European roots. Part of this, and an important part is working with the Public sphere.

While the job is very much centered around program management it is a true innovation management one. While you are not expected to be an engineer – having a great understanding of current cloud technology trends will be very beneficial – you will work as much with the executive leadership as you will with our R&D teams.

Your role will be to identify and to develop opportunities within the public sector, maintaining close relationships with the identified actors and aligning internal teams around our structuring R&D themes.

You will report to the Chief Strategy Officer but work hand in hand with the other members of the strategy department namely, the Environmental Impact Officer, our VP of Corporate Development and our Public Affairs officer to create a broad strategy that is data-driven and effective.

What you can expect to do on a daily basis

  • Organize the management of the ongoing programs, as to anticipate the very formal reporting and delivery planning required by those programs, with the product and finance teams
  • Identify opportunities in the public financing realm, from grant programs to tax credits, and eventually public procurement
  • Continuously curate and monitor this pipeline with the help of the sales, product and engineering teams
  • Organize the internal communication regarding our ongoing initiatives and work with the marketing team to organize the external communication
  • Maintain fluent communications with public bodies such as the French Tech, French ministries and European Commission bodies (gaia-x for instance) to ensure our participation

What you bring

  • A caring mindframe and an empathetic spirit. The ability to think from other perspectives is a tool we ask of all employees
  • You are interested in the cloud, and have experience with digital teams or engineering departments
  • You feel strongly about climate change and want to participate in a company whose mission is to be a positive agent for change
  • You have a very good grasp of the market – you know how to analyze the growth strategy of a company, their branding, what is churn, what vertical integration looks like

Nice to have

  • 3+ years of experience
  • Good project management skills
  • Specific experience with the French public ecosystem
  • Good knowledge of public financing rules both in France and in Europe
  • Professional French & English language capacity (verbal and written)
  • A strong appetite for network building
  • A preference for timeliness and tidiness over organic creativity
  • A good balance, standing between orthogonal expectations from sales to marketing and product

What we bring as a team

  • A unique chance to deepen your public affairs knowledge within both political and innovation ecosystems
  • Extremely diverse team – with experiences spanning many different domains
  • Great potential for learning – we learn all the time
  • Sustainability mind-set from work/life balance to actually making an impact on the environment
  • We proactively promote women in leadership roles

This is a remote job. Work from anywhere!

We’re a worldwide, distributed team looking for the best talent. Our remote model has been in practice and thriving since 2014. To us, remote work means flexibility and having truly diverse, global teams.

The other members of the strategy group are mostly based in and around Paris. As such working from the Paris office is a real option for those that like the balance between remote work, and meeting humans physically.

As a side effect of teams being spread across time zones, you may have to adjust to occasional early morning meetings if you live in the Americas, or late night meetings if you live in an APAC country.* We do our best to accommodate time zones but there are preferred hours for certain roles and teams. The team you interview with will be able to give you a clear idea of their collaborative hours.

Company perks and benefits

  • Leadership that cares
  • A global team rich with culture and diversity
  • An open work environment where your voice is encouraged. We can always find ways to do better and look forward to hearing your ideas
  • A product you can believe in. We’re changing the way companies develop and manage their web applications
  • Wellness stipend of $300 a year
  • Professional development budget of $800
  • Tandem – a pool of linguists from around the world willing to help each other work on learning new languages
  • $3,000 office budget at hire (computer is mandatory but spend the rest on things that help you work, from headphones to a wifi extender) and a welcome kit of branded swag
  • A yearly global gift exchange – get paired up with someone 3,000 miles or kilometers away and share a part of your home
  • We’re voted as A Best Place to Work. 96% of employees think is a great place to work
  • Company-wide DE&I initiative that you can be a part of
  • Yearly, international, company-wide meetups (when we’re not experiencing a pandemic)
  • Fair PTO based on your country’s standards
  • Inclusive parental leave (timeline is country-dependent)
  • Remote working/flexibility
  • Healthcare, dental, and vision
  • Company shares (discretionary)
  • 6 months of individual coaching for all new managers

About our recruitment process

We don’t expect a great hire to meet every requirement we have listed. If you can see yourself elevating the team we want to hear about your story. Few of us would be here had we not taken a chance.

You can expect 1-4 interviews on Google Meet. We leave the process fairly customizable to teams and roles, so in some scenarios we’re able to streamline the process to have minimal rounds. Expect a higher number of rounds for director level roles and above.

Additionally, you can schedule coffee chats with potential future peers while you’re in the recruitment process to see if you can envision working together. Use interview and coffee time to make sure the company aligns with your best working environment.

All roles require background checks.

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Job posted: 2022-04-26