Public Affairs Manager

17 Aug, 2019


Public Affairs Manager

Murrieta, CA
Job Description

– Develops and implements public communications plans at the district-level that supports EDS&ETS operations, expediting operational activities and addressing environmental, regulatory, and governmental issues.

– Acquires leadership positions in influential community organizations, which provide Company presence, through strategic alliances with business and community thought leaders. Utilizes these associations to communicate EDS&ETS services and to ascertain needs of diverse community groups.

– Develops and implements district-level educational plans and is the Company’s information officer for assigned city and county officials and appropriate community contacts on financial issues, operational requirements, and market developments.

– Builds and supports business and economic development coalitions, providing information about Gas Company services.


Undergraduate degree. Training or coursework in managerial skills, public speaking and Company operations is essential. Knowledge of political science, communications, computer literacy, finance, community relations, community housing and developmental environmental studies are critical.

– Ability to articulate complex issues, information and instructions to diverse internal and external audiences; provide public testimony and respond to media inquiries.

– Ability to compose well-organized, clear and concise written communications for internal and external audiences.

– Knowledge of local government structure, function and operation; community networks and alliances; electronic and print media; economic development and environmental policy issues.

– Possess problem-solving and analytical skills to evaluate critical issues and impacts on Company operations; develop creative solutions.

– Possess working knowledge of business math and basic accounting principles to develop Company cost plans, as well as analysis of local government and community organizations’ budgets and financial reporting.

– Interpersonal skills are used to build strategic alliances to educate and motivate others to support internal and external goals.

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Job posted: 2019-08-17