Public Relations Manager

12 Nov, 2020


Public Relations Manager

Bresca (Michelin Starred) and Jont Restaurants
Washington, DC


Bresca and Jont are in a pivotal period in their growth, with rapid yet calculated expansion on several fronts:

  • Creation of new wholly-owned restaurant concepts
  • Continued growth of brand extensions
  • Ever-expanding sustainable food and education efforts by Chef Ryan through his Zero Food Print efforts.

Thus, it becomes all the more important to tell the holistic story of Chef Ryan and his concepts which connects all aspects into a strong, multi-faceted yet cohesive narrative.  Our PR and Marketing agency and/or partner will ideally help us tell these stories to the right media, reaching the right people at the right time.  We have already garnered a significant amount of media coverage for Chef Ryan and our restaurants but the goal is to now build on this awareness, expand it, and most importantly carefully curate it so that the integrity of our brands remains intact.

Beyond overall brand awareness, we also have pretty ambitious business goals to meet.  And we will expect a strategic PR and Marketing campaign to support those – to help drive business to our restaurants and maintain media interest in our restaurants.


  • Work with Chef Ryan and Bresca/Jont teams to develop and implement a smart, thoughtful PR strategy for the brands in a wide range of media
  • Maximize timely, positive, on-brand coverage for each restaurant and product launch in local, regional and national U.S. media
  • Generate ongoing overall US media coverage for Chef Ryan and restaurant brands
  • Strategically generate select international media coverage, via U.S.-based stringers and freelancers or other
  • Build on existing Bresca/Jont media relationships to expand reach and leverage all appropriate opportunities
  • Develop and implement strategies to reinvigorate the restaurants
  • Collaborate productively with teams to ensure consistency in message and maximize synergies


  • Act as PR agency of record for Chef Ryan and restaurants, working in tandem with restaurant teams regarding all US media inquiries and coverage surrounding the restaurants
  • Execute the PR and Marketing campaigns in national, regional and local media
  • Work with Chef Ryan to generate strategic media coverage surrounding personal profiles, involvement in industry events, philanthropy and education


Candidates to Provide:

  • Company (or individual) Overview – your overall approach, why you’re different
  • Unique qualifications for the Bresca/Jont Account
  • Account Staffing Plan & Team Overview – including how many accounts each team member oversees or is involved with
  • Experience in the DC market
  • Topline assessment of Chef Ryan and his restaurants’ perception in the U.S. media world, and any proposed strategies based on this
  • A quick sample topline PR and marketing campaign strategy for Bresca/Jont brands, demonstrating your firm’s unique approach to our company
  • Top Clients – list your top three PR clients and length of relationship
  • Social & New Media Integration – share your approach and experience with integrating traditional, new and social media
  • Reporting & Measurement of Success – how will this be communicated to our team?
  • Budget for Monthly Retainer  (or requested salary) based on a 12-month engagement, including how expenses are billed


  • Proposal Due Date – Friday, November 27
  • Agency Finalist Meetings – First weeks of December
  • Decision by end of December
  • Selected agency start date – January 2021

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Job posted: 2020-11-12