Regional Communications Specialist (LAC)

08 Jul, 2020


Regional Communications Specialist (LAC)

American Institutes for Research


Established in 1946, the American Institutes for Research (AIR) is one of the world’s largest behavioral and social science research and evaluation organizations. Our mission is to generate and use rigorous evidence that contributes to a better, more equitable world.  AIR works with federal, state, and local government agencies, philanthropies and other organizations to conduct research and evaluation and provide technical assistance in the areas of education, health and workforce development, in the U.S. and abroad.


AIR is seeking a Regional Communications Specialist to support the USAID Latin America and Caribbean Reads Capacity Program (LRCP).  The purpose of this program is to increase the impact, scale, and sustainability of early grade literacy (EGL) interventions in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region through the development of state-of-the-art knowledge resources and the provision of technical assistance to host country governments, and other selected key stakeholders, to enhance their efforts to boost EGL outcomes, particularly for disadvantaged children. The program is implemented by AIR in association with Juárez & Associates (J&A). Working in collaboration with USAID’s bilateral missions, the program facilitates stakeholder understanding and application of evidence-based, context appropriate approaches to improving early grade literacy.

The LRCP began in 2014 and will continue through 2020. Currently the program focuses on Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and the regional RedLEI network based in Guatemala but covering: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. LAC Reads Capacity Program goals are achieved through the implementation of four main results listed below although during these final two years of the program the focus will be on Results 3 and 4:

  • Result 1: Evidence on early grade reading collected, consolidated and systematized for practical use by LAC region stakeholders.
  • Result 2: Up-to-date knowledge about early-grade reading actively disseminated to targeted audiences and stakeholders.
  • Result 3: Institutional capacity to implement proven approaches for improving early-grade reading outcomes for poor and disadvantaged children is expanded.
  • Result 4: Sustainable platforms are in place through which efforts to improve early grade reading in priority LAC countries will be continued and strengthened.


The Regional Communications Specialist will lead the efforts to market and distill the evidence created by the program for the appropriate audiences. The position will focus on developing the “activities and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” (AMA, 2007) In the case of LRCP, the specialist will work with the existing communications plan to adapt, supervise and manage the communicational aspects of the project and recommend pivots to the strategy when necessary. The specialist will also contribute to the communication indicators for the project as needed. The specialist will support the dissemination and knowledge translation of evidence produced by LRCP as well as to further the program’s reach and awareness across all of the countries where the program is present and active. Part of the scope will also be to coordinate with the partners on a regional communications campaign led by a national partner.


The position will report directly to the project director and work in collaboration with the project manager, the regional coordinator, and the various early grade literacy specialists and local partners.


Scope of Work:

  • Adapt, implement and manage the communications strategy
    • Design of regional activities to ensure proper implementation of the approved Communications Strategy of the LRCP
    • Supervise the implementation of the program’s branding, marking and visual identity in all new contents, platforms and portals to match the approved plan
    • Design quarterly plan for both client-sided and external communications to the key audiences
    • In collaboration with the core team, generate roadmaps for the communication and marketing of specific projects and programs
    • Advocate for the efficient and synergic use of communicational resources
    • Develop manuals and guidelines to standardize processes and responsibilities that relate to the program’s communications
    • Develop success-stories, videos and communications products in accordance with USAID guidance for the project
    • Administer the budget assigned for communication
  •  Build upon and adapt key messages and contents in accordance to the needs and interests of the target audiences
    • Identify appropriate content formats, channels and key messages for each of the key audience segments and stakeholders
    • Generate or obtain appropriate content for social media, web platforms, newsletters, leaflets, portfolios, and other communication channels to inform audiences and partners about products and activities in a timely manner
    • Build and nurture relationships with media partners to strengthen and broaden the scope of program’s outreach efforts in various countries of the region
  • Manage Program’s Institutional Communications
    • Administer the accounts of social media platforms, websites and other digital tools
    • Oversee the publication process to ensure the branding and marking of the products are met
    • Liaise permanently with AIR’s communication department to further the program’s visibility
    • Liaise with local EGL specialists, and local communication specialists in countries where the LRCP operates
    • Lead the planning, strategy and logistics of regional and/or local communications events
    • Support key message dissemination, and communications material design for Capacity Strengthening and other LRCP-funded activities
  • Reporting
    • Prepare quarterly reports on communication updates and indicators
    • Report on updates in weekly core team meeting

Quality Acceptance Requirements:

This program will have some collaborative components, where the core team will work together to create communications products with both researchers as well as RedLEI and/or FEREMA. All products will go through relevant quality assurance processes before becoming public or presented to the client.


  • Bachelors, preferred Master’s in communications, Marketing, Public Relations, Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge of and experience in communications oral and written as well as and branding strategies appropriately adapted to the Latin American context
  • Initiative and ability to rapidly learn and adapt in the post
  • Experience facilitating workshops and creating training guides/modules for key stakeholders
  • Accountable, with a strong initiative and ability to rapidly learn and adapt in the post
  • Knowledge sharing and continuous improvement
  • Well organized and able to multitask
  • Solutions and results focused
  • Capacity to lead, manage and work with cross cultural teams and delegate tasks
  • Knowledge of institutional communications best practices
  • Experience with USAID branding and marking regulations


  • Fluency in English and Spanish

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Work experience
    • Familiarity with the field of educational planning
    • Experience in organizing international /national events with ministries, and key actors
    • Experience in copywriting, graphic/multimedia design, and/or creative direction
  • Skills and competencies: expertise in the use of the following tools will be an asset
    • Drupal-based web portals
    • Mass-mailing platforms (Mailchimp)
    • Design tools such as Canvas and ability to guide the creative team in the design of materials
    • Survey tools, such as SurveyMonkey

Activities and Deliverables:

  • Support the events and activities produced by the program, by creating a dissemination strategy for each major deliverable partnered with the key messages and altered products for key partners where necessary
  • Provide technical support and supervision to partners also involved in dissemination of resources or media campaigns
  • Collaborate closely with the RedLEI communications Coordinator to align strategies and activities

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, national origin, protected veteran status, or disability.

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Job posted: 2020-07-08