Senior Advisor for Economic Opportunity

08 Jul, 2022


Senior Advisor for Economic Opportunity

Landmine Survivors Network
Washington, D.C.


Landmine Survivors Network (LSN) is an organization created by and for survivors of landmine accidents and other causes of traumatic limb loss. In mine-affected countries around the world, LSN connects survivors with health care and rehabilitation services, economic opportunities and social empowerment and reintegration programs. LSN relies on a survivor recovery model implemented by peer Outreach Worker support who also links and refer survivors to health care providers, vocational training courses, and other services. Economic Opportunity Coordinators train Outreach Workers in basic economic opportunity approaches Outreach Workers can implement. At the same time LSN staff works at the level of organizations and systems to promote organizational and systems change so that barriers affecting survivor employment and community involvement are removed or decline fostering survivor recovery. This recovery model is currently implemented through five Networks based in Bosnia-Herzegovina, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Jordan, and Vietnam. Partnership programs with similar objectives and strategies are based in Mozambique and Colombia.

Economic opportunity constitutes one of three pillars of LSN’s holistic approach to helping survivors, families and communities affected by landmines to recover from trauma, reclaim their lives, and fulfill their rights. The other two are health and social empowerment. Gainful employment plays a crucial role in easing economic, psychological and social constraints while economic independence promotes survivor reintegration into community life. LSN’s Economic Opportunity Program works to open doors for survivors by helping them to gain access to vocational training, job placement, and business startup services.


This is a technical position that includes supervisory and management responsibilities. The Senior Advisor for Economic Opportunity is part of LSN’s Program Development and Evaluation Department (PDE). S/he will be responsible for design, implementation, and monitoring of cost-effective Economic Opportunity Program strategies that assist survivors to obtain (self) employment; increase access to employment opportunities; and aim to improve the quality of employment related services provided.

The Senior Advisor for Economic Opportunity will work closely with the Economic Opportunity Specialist and Senior Social Worker within the PDE Department as well as other relevant LSN staff to:
(1) conduct periodic cost-effectiveness reviews of the Networks’ economic opportunity programs as well as monitor local market trends to aid in strategic planning of LSN’s work in economic opportunity; (2) build and maintain strategic partnerships with governmental, non-governmental and private organizations to expand and diversify the portfolio of LSN’s current economic opportunity services, including, but not limited to connecting survivors with microfinance services, vocational training, workforce development initiatives, employment referrals and placement, and micro enterprise development; (3) build and maintain partnerships with relevant organizations to explore innovative (co)financing opportunities aimed at leveraging LSN funding; and (4) identify and monitor appropriate indicators for measuring the financial and social impact and sustainability of LSN’s opportunity services at the survivor, organizations, and systems levels.

The Senior Advisor for Economic Opportunity also works with the Economic Opportunity Specialist to provide ongoing expert technical and strategic guidance to economic opportunity staff in LSN’s Network offices as well as partner organizations; define and implement minimum standards for LSN’s economic opportunity services; and design and implement capacity building programs to reinforce the Economic Opportunity Coordinators’ capacity to train and guide Outreach Workers. The Senior Advisor for Economic Opportunity will chair the Economic Opportunity Task Force and work closely with other technical staff to ensure consistency among LSN’s programmatic sectors. S/he will supervise the Economic Opportunity Specialist and will report to the Director of Program Development and Evaluation. The Senior Advisor for Economic Opportunity will assist the Director of PDE to coordinate the Economic Opportunity Program communication with and reporting to the LSN Board of Director’s Program Committee. This position requires creativity, teamwork, personal initiative, a commitment to working with disadvantaged populations, and an ability to communicate about the Program at various levels of the organization.


1. Define the strategic direction for the Economic Opportunity Program for the next three to five years by consulting with stakeholders, analyzing existing data on the performance of the Economic Opportunity Program to date, and providing expert guidance to Economic Opportunity staff throughout the planning process.
2. Liaise with the Board of Directors to provide periodic updates and program performance indicators and seek guidance of and endorsement by Board members with respect to innovative paths to take in the areas of microfinance, small business development, vocational training and employment placement.
3. Establish a quality assurance panel of external peer reviewers to seek third party endorsement and validation of LSN’s Economic Opportunity Program.
4. Provide leadership in cultivating partnerships and relationships with international, domestic, and in-country (in Network countries) organizations in the Economic Opportunity field to expand the resource base, coverage, and leverage of LSN’s Economic Opportunity Program.
5. Oversee the implementation of the existing economic opportunity sector strategy at the survivor level as well as guide the development and implementation of clearly articulated and comprehensible organizational and systems level strategies for the Economic Opportunity Program.
6. Collaborate closely with DC and Network staff to analyze and creatively advance current Economic Opportunity practices, protocols and recovery tools to ensure that LSN’s Economic Opportunity services provided to survivors in the areas of small business development, (co)financing arrangements, vocational training, and job placement are objective-focused and results oriented.
7. Conduct periodic quantitative and qualitative programmatic reviews of the Networks’ Economic Opportunity activities, based on indicators developed in close collaboration with LSN’s Monitoring and Evaluation staff, and provide ongoing technical support and advice.
8. Work with the Economic Opportunity Specialist to develop a training curriculum, course syllabi, effective training materials, and to co-facilitate training events for Network staff in areas included but not limited to business planning, marketing, management and finance.
9. Chair the Economic Opportunity Task Force and participate as member of Health and Social Empowerment Task Forces to ensure consistency among LSN’s programmatic sectors and to encourage cross-fertilizations and knowledge sharing.
10. Ensure that agendas for Economic Opportunity meetings and workshops are objective focused and results oriented, and minutes of Economic Opportunity meetings are produced and circulated in a timely and succinct manner.
11. Collaborate closely and build strong teams with the Senior Social Worker, Economic Opportunity Specialist and Network-based Economic Opportunity Coordinators.


➢ Graduate degree in business administration, economics, finance or related field or commensurate professional experience in the areas of banking, microfinance, small business development, vocational training, and/or employment of low-income populations.
➢ In-depth knowledge of financial and economic/social analysis, statistics and other analytical tools for measuring cost-effectiveness and results of LSN’s economic opportunity program.
➢ Experience in strategic planning, program development, implementation and monitoring, preferably related to small enterprise development, microfinance, vocational training, job placement and other employment related services.
➢ Ability to research, compile, analyze, and accurately present statistical data.
➢ Ability to think strategically and analytically, conceptualize problems, propose clearly articulated and objective focused solutions and motivate peers to implement a vision.
➢ Ability to work confidently and connect effectively with a broad range of LSN stakeholders (Board of Directors, donors, survivors, etc.)
➢ Demonstrated experience in opening communication channels, networking and forming partnerships to achieve results.
➢ Demonstrated ability to work successfully in multicultural environments (experience in post-conflict areas, such as Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Mid-East a plus)
➢ Willingness to travel.
➢ Strong interest or background in working with international non-governmental organizations and disadvantaged populations.
➢ Self-motivated and results driven.
➢ Strong written and verbal communication skills, including experience with proposal writing and/or fund raising.
➢ Excellent interpersonal skills and sensitivity to persons with disabilities.
➢ Strong leadership, management, and team-building skills.
➢ Fluency in English, other languages a plus.
➢ Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

For more information, contact:
Landmine Survivors Network
2100 M Street, NW, Suite 302
Washington, DC 20037

No phone calls, please. Only successful applicants will be contacted.


Created by and for survivors, LSN empowers individuals and communities affected by landmines to recover from trauma, reclaim their lives and fulfill their rights.

Job posted: 2022-07-08