Senior Communications Manager

01 May, 2022


Senior Communications Manager

West Des Moines, IA

Job Details


The Senior Communications Manager leads and manages a team of Communications professionals that is charged with meeting the strategic, operational and day-to-day objectives of EquiTrust.  The Senior Manager acts as an advisor and coach to the team and carries out their duties and responsibilities in a manner that is consistent with EquiTrust’s Company Values of Integrity, Leadership, Accountability, Teamwork and Passion.

The Senior Communications Manager is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive internal communication strategy for the Company.  Responsibilities include partnering cross-functionally to learn, create and implement a strategy that addresses the when, who, what, why and how the Company is sharing information across and within the enterprise.  The Senior Manager is expected to create a communications strategy that helps employees across the Company stay up to date about the Company’s vision, goals, projects and company-wide updates.  This leader will be a skilled storyteller with a knack for interpersonal skills and a passion for creating experiences.  The Senior Manager will be expected to build a strong culture of collaboration to create experiences that engage, connect and inspire the community of employees.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Leads a team of Communications professionals, including but not limited to the following activities: makes recommendations and decisions for hiring, termination, promotion and transfers, assessing and completing performance appraisals, responsibility/workload allocations and task completion, employee engagement, succession planning and talent development, problem identification and resolution and other day-to-day people management and leadership responsibilities.
  • Develops and implements a strategic internal communications plan that aligns internal and executive messaging with the Company’s vision, mission, brand and market positioning.
  • Works cross-functionally across all departments to execute communication initiatives and campaigns from concept to delivery.
  • Manages the Company’s internal communications channels including a communication calendar, researching and developing quotes from people, writing stories and contributing to the intranet.
  • Supports leadership and Company meetings through crafting messages and communication strategies that communicate objectives, goals and projects, as well as milestones and accomplishments.
  • Prepares strategic communication plan for the company and executes plan annually.
  • Partners cross-functionally to design the Company’s employee portal.
  • Creates and maintains guidelines for email distribution group uses and participants.
  • Designs and delivers communication strategies that keep employees and the management team informed and aligned.
  • Designs and directs the creation of the look, feel and branding of all Communications related activity.
  • Ensures the design of all Communications initiatives adhere to EquiTrust’s style and branding guidelines.
  • Creates and implements a consistent voice, approach and methodology for all Communications initiatives.
  • Supports Human Resources and Communications team and/or other departments on an as needed basis.
  • Willingly takes on additional responsibilities as requested in order to accomplish department and Company objectives.
  • Actively participates and contributes to the goals and objectives of the Company by working collaboratively and fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.

Training or Work Experience:

  • Minimum 4 years experience in a communications role with increasing levels of experience required.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience writing in a corporate environment required.
  • Minimum 1 years of direct supervisory and management experience required.
  • Prior experience managing and leading new projects and initiatives from idea creation to full implementation required.
  • Experience working in the life insurance or annuity industry preferred.


  • Bachelors’ Degree – Required
  • Masters’ Degree – Preferred

Working Conditions:

  • Occasional travel (5 – 10% of the time)

Demonstrate The EquiTrust Core Values:

    • We operate in a manner consistent with the highest professional and ethical standards.
    • We lead courageously and inspire people by living our purpose and values.
    • We focus on outcomes, report results honestly and provide constructive feedback.
    • We work together to achieve common goals.
    • We are engaged, operate with a deep sense of ownership and demonstrate a high-level of personal commitment.

Organizational Competencies:

    • Clearly and effectively transmits concepts, ideas, feelings, opinions and conclusions orally and in writing. Listens attentively and for comprehension. Reinforces words through empathetic body language and tone.
      • Level Expected:
        • (A) Advanced – Listens, speaks and writes in a clear and concise manner to all levels. May create and deliver presentations in a manner that helps relay and retain information.
    • Builds both formal and informal professional relationships. Maintains and fosters relationships within, across, and external to organizational boundaries. Obtains and shares information, ideas, and problems. Solicits advice, support, championship, sponsorship, and commitment that result in smooth transitions of change and the development of mutually acceptable solutions.
      • Level Expected:
        • (A) Advanced – Develop and leverage relationships at all levels across the organization. Actively works to create a positive work culture by breaking down barriers to ensure engagement. Seeks to resolve issues or problems sensibly, fairly and efficiently in order to achieve a positive outcome.
    • Identifies and acts upon opportunities for continuous improvement. Encourages prudent risk-taking, exploration of alternative approaches, and organizational learning. Demonstrates personal commitment to change through actions and words. Mobilizes others to support change through times of stress and uncertainty.
      • Level Expected:
        • (I) Intermediate – Participates in change programs by planning implementation activities with others. Interprets the meaning of new strategic directions for the work group and sets objectives and standards. Implements monitoring and feedback systems. Evaluates progress and finds ways of making continuous improvement. Solicits and offers ideas for improving primary business processes. Improves effectiveness and efficiency through the involvement of peers and business partners by initiating new approaches.
    • Clearly defines mutual expectations of self and others. Takes appropriate actions to ensure obligations are met. Revises standards in response to change.
      • Level Expected:
        • (I) Intermediate – Sets objectives that meet organizational needs. Provides recommendations to individuals and/or teams on ways to improve performance and meet defined objectives. Monitors and provides feedback on individual and/or team performance against defined standards.
    • Defines a future vision and carries out the organizational strategy in alignment with the organizations priorities and strategic imperatives while ensuring that employees and other stakeholders are aligned and inspired to work toward the common goals and future vision.
      • Level Expected:
        • (I) Intermediate – Develops a clear plan that outlines outcomes, key steps, responsibilities and expected time lines for completion to reach goals and objectives.
    • Coaches, mentors and motivates others to meet the organization’s vision, commitments and goals. Provides an inclusive and positive team environment that fosters positive and constructive feedback, recognition, leadership, and personal and professional development.
      • Level Expected:
        • (I) Intermediate – Regularly provides constructive feedback and recognition to team members regarding job performance and works with them to identify work goals and create individual development plans. Identifies, mentors, and raises the profile of future high performers and leaders. Determines best approach and mediates conflict between individual and groups.
    • Demonstrates self-awareness through accurate assessment and management of one’s own attitudes, belief systems, and strengths as well as areas for personal development.
      • Level Expected:
        • (I) Intermediate – Adapts approach without feeling own agenda or outcomes have been compromised. Challenges inefficient/ineffective work processes and offers constructive alternatives. Analyzes work errors, successes, and failures and sets learning strategies to rectify and increase knowledge. Ability to adapt to changing workload priorities, effectively reprioritizing or deferring tasks in line with operational and strategic goals.

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Job posted: 2022-05-01