Arlington, VA

This position is part of Raytheon’s corporate Government Relations team in Arlington, VA, and is focused on supporting Forcepoint, the company’s joint venture with Vista. Forcepoint is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has a presence in several other states.This position is responsible for adding value to Forcepoint and its various customers by advancing Forcepoint’s and Raytheon’s goals, interests, and views with respect to federal, state, and local laws, policies, regulations, and capability procurement.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Represent Raytheon and Forcepoint before Members of Congress and their staffs, with state/local elected officials and their staffs, and with other appropriate state/local officials in key states.
  • Strengthen relationships with key Members, Staff, and Committees on Capitol Hill, especially those responsible for cyber matters, in a way that advances Forcepoint’s and Raytheon’s priorities and reputation.
  • Advance the priorities of Raytheon and Forcepoint on Capitol Hill and with State and Local Legislatures, Executive Branches, and procurement officials in a manner consistent with established laws, goals, and metrics.
  • Communicate effectively and continuously with Forcepoint and Raytheon leadership regarding ongoing efforts, upcoming events, status of priorities, and other relevant information.
  • Engage directly and frequently with Forcepoint to determine where Congress and other stakeholders could be leveraged to advance their business goals, and take the initiative to meet these goals, consistent with priorities agreed upon by Forcepoint and Raytheon.
  • Maximize the use and effectiveness of Forcepoint and Raytheon suppliers, industry groups, think tanks, and trade associations, as well as outside consultants, advisers, and experts, to advance the joint goals and strategies.
  • Conduct analyses of legislative initiatives, policy proposals, and regulatory actions to help Forcepoint and Raytheon craft plans and strategies to address them as appropriate.
  • Support Forcepoint and Raytheon efforts to advance sales to the U.S. government, state/local governments, and to foreign countries.
  • Attend congressional hearings, conferences, meetings, and special events as necessary to advance Forcepoint and Raytheon goals and provide valued service to customers.
  • Monitor federal, state, and local activities in the area of cyber and law enforcement analytics, and take action to ensure Forcepoint’s and Raytheon’s interests are protected.
  • Plan and support visits by Forcepoint leaders to Capitol Hill and state capitals, and by elected officials/staff to Forcepoint facilities for educational and/or constituent support purposes.



  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree plus 12 years professional experience (10 years with related Master’s degree or 8 years with related PhD).
  • Five plus years of experience working cyber and related policy issues in Congress, in the Executive branch, or at the State/Local level.
  • First-hand knowledge of Legislative and Executive branch processes and cycles, and the cultures and key players in each institution, to successfully advance business priorities.
  • Substantial experience with/within the cyber community, including knowledge of a wide range of cyber issues and stakeholders, including advocacy organizations, think tanks, and other third party influencers.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications (written and verbal) skills, and demonstrated success working in a team environment.
  • Ability to make effective presentations and speak persuasively in a way that confidently and positively shapes the views and expectations of elected officials and their staffs.
  • Experience managing multiple constituents – internal and external – and customers in a way that keeps them fully informed of past progress, ongoing activities, and next steps.
  • Self-starter with a bias for action who is able to manage time and multi-task effectively in a pro-active and innovative way.


Desired Attributes

  • Previous leadership, management, and business development experience.
  • Prior employment, partnership or experience with another cyber company or industry association.
  • In depth experience on cyber and related issues, including information sharing and infrastructure protections issues involving the Federal government, state governments, the private sector, and other affected communities.
  • Previous employment on Capitol Hill or in a State Legislature
  • Knowledge and experience with the U.S. intelligence, military, law enforcement, and/or homeland security communities.
  • Security clearance.

To apply: https://jobs.raytheon.com/job/-/-/4679/4174058?codes=3640


Job Posted: March 12, 2017