Senior Manager, Political Affairs

27 Jan, 2020


Senior Manager, Political Affairs

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Washington, DC

You are excited to direct a very influential, very large and very active Political Action Committee (PAC). Your deep experience growing, maintaining and strengthening a PAC is bar none. Your unwavering political acumen paired with your ability to build and engage effective bi-partisan relationships and networks is superb. You have the uncanny ability to analyze and synthesize policy issues to create factual, relevant and easily understandable messages that lead to great outcomes and courses of action. You are flexible, creative and highly motivated.

The Senior Manager, Political Affairs directs the Political Action Committee of the AAOS as well as all political advocacy activities. Arranges AAOS volunteer visits to DC and executes all in-District fundraising, meet and greets and site visits. Oversees the administration and daily outreach/fundraising activities and overall disbursement strategy of the Orthopaedic PAC. Performs a wide variety of complex and detailed office managerial tasks, as related to running a multi-million-dollar political operation with minimal guidance and frequently in a confidential manner. Works closely with the federal, regulatory and state legislative affairs team integrating political activities to achieve successes as set by the AAOS advocacy agenda. Oversees budget and target spreadsheets for the PAC receipts and disbursements. This position is responsible for the planning and execution of all materials related to PAC activities. This position also is the lead staff for the PAC Executive Committee, the Resident Assembly Health Policy Committee and oversees the Political Manager and Coordinator positions.

PAC Activities

  • Directs the daily activities of the Political Action Committee (PAC). Serve as the lead staff for developing goals, programs and execution of operating a multi-million-dollar PAC. Manages the budget and deploys a disbursement strategy set by the PAC Executive Committee, and closely monitors levels of giving. Oversees detailed records of all PAC contributions made in DC and in-district. Updates various PAC databases. Develops and manages PAC administrative procedures including PAC contribution database and PAC events, ensuring compliance with all FEC rules and regulations. Coordinates weekly receipt reports as well as scripting for telemarketing vendor and AAOS.
  • Administers the Advisor’s Circle Program and develops new soft funding. Directs in all aspects in sustaining and growing our new soft dollar donation program. Serve as lead staff to coordinate AAOS volunteer attendance at Congressional retreats, in-District Fundraisers, fly-ins, DC political events, and convention. Sets agenda and runs monthly conference calls with Advisors. Manage and coordinate all Advisor requests, including presentations, webinars and travel associated with the Advisor’s Circle. Develop new avenues for Orthopaedic PAC to maintain its self-sufficiency structure.
  • Manages the Political Manager and Coordinator. Determine staffing requirements for the positions of the Political Manager and Coordinator and all activities related to their portfolios. Serve as lead for hiring and training for the positions. Supervise direct reporting staff according to overall AAOS policy. Apply strategic planning to help advance the overall goals of our political action committee. Work with staff to develop goals and strategies and professional development to maximize potential. Delegate work duties as needed and monitor and assist staff with work progress.
  • Lead staff to the AAOS PAC Executive Committee. Coordinates correspondence with PAC Executive Committee on allocation of PAC funds and other activities. Plans, organizes and coordinates PAC Executive Committee meetings and conference calls. Prepares meeting agenda books and other necessary materials for PAC meetings. Keeps PAC Executive Committee up to date on political activities that the PAC is involved in and makes recommendations about opportunities that the PAC should get involved in. Researches and analyzes political races to make recommendations to the committee on allocation of all PAC funds. Prepares briefings for and communicates daily to ensure PAC Chair is plugged into all PAC activities.
  • Develop and Staff the PAC Resident Fellowship Program. Continue to develop the PAC Resident Fellowship (established in 2015) and serve as the staff liaison to the Resident member serving in this capacity. Work with the PAC Resident Fellow individually to increase PAC outreach and education efforts to AAOS resident members. Oversee the Bring a Buddy Program, and the PAC Residency Challenge (mobile and online).
  • Serve as staff liaison to the AAOS Resident Assembly Health Policy Committee. Coordinate, manage and communicate with members of the AAOS Resident Assembly Health Policy Committee on legislative and political activities. Oversee annual webinar, action items and program requests including the resident milestone modules, increase resident NOLC attendance track, and help administer surveys and create or amend policies as directed. Increase resident involvement in the Orthopaedic PAC and AAOS advocacy activities.
  • Directs PAC Activities with the Office of Government Relations (OGR) staff. Determines overall strategy of dollars out and coordinates OGR staff Congressional Member assignments as well as OGR staff attendance at PAC fundraisers. RSVPs to fundraisers for AAOS staff and oversees the OGR PAC events calendar to track attendance. Works with fundraisers to organize and coordinate fundraising activities in support of members of Congress. Works with State Orthopaedic Society Executive Directors and AAOS PAC members with regard to hosting and attending in-district fundraisers. Secures involvement and participation of other medical organizations for AAOS sponsored events. Oversees amount and RSVP list for AAOS hosted fundraisers.
  • Manages outreach efforts for the Orthopaedic PAC. Works with AAOS volunteers and State Executive Directors to get AAOS volunteers to host or attend events for members of Congress in their district. Prepares presentations, one pagers, and background material and sends donor files for AAOS volunteers, staff and Executive Directors for use in political education and fundraising for our PAC. Develops calling scripts, faxes, PowerPoints, peer to peer campaigns, emails and letters for the PAC. Oversees a new PAC rainmakers and black card program geared at growing our peer to peer donations. Writes solicitation letters for PAC Chairman and other PAC leadership as necessary throughout the year with updated information on PAC activities and soliciting PAC funds.
  • Represents AAOS at political events. Regularly attends fundraisers and coffees with Members of Congress and Congressional staff to lobby them on top AAOS issues of importance. Also represents the Association at candidate interviews and meets and greets.
  • Oversees In-District Fundraising. Coordinates transports and maintains current information crucial to the OGR traveling PAC booth. Travels to specialty society and state society meetings to represent the Office of Government Relations and hosts political fundraisers. Coordinates with State Orthopaedic Society Executive Directors and specialty societies to send the PAC booth to state society meetings and specialty society meetings. Represents Orthopaedic PAC at Grand Rounds, Member Practices, Society and Specialty Meetings. Attends state society and specialty society meetings to solicit PAC contributions and represent the Office of Government Relations as requested. Hosts events for Orthopaedic PAC at specialty and state society meetings to fundraise for our PAC.
  • Plans, organizes, represents, and coordinates PAC activities and events at AAOS meetings. Coordinates all aspects of PAC event management at AAOS meetings such as Annual Meeting, the National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference and Fall Meeting. Coordinates at a minimum four PAC events per year (Advisor’s Circle Workshop, PAC luncheon, Resident Reception, NOLC PAC reception).
  • Develops material and handles all writing for the PAC and political advocacy in various AAOS communications. Compiles information and markets the PACs successes throughout the year on activities and performance of Orthopaedic PAC. Provides updates to the PAC portion of the AAOS website. Writes and sends out quarterly PAC Newsletter for all PAC contributors on insider information about Orthopaedic PAC activities and politics in DC and around the country. Provides PAC updates for AAOS Now, Advisor’s Circle, Advocacy Now, AAOS In-the-States and the AAOS Resident Newsletter. Produces the PAC Annual Report which includes detailed yearly activities of the PAC and is widely distributed to leadership and marketed to our full membership.
  • Develops new fundraising techniques to usher in new donors. Researches new technologies and avenues to fundraise and continue to grow our PAC including overseeing the PACs new mobile program and develop and launch new sources of funding for the PAC including big data and social avenues such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Keeps up to date on FEC and campaign finance regulations. Regularly attends conferences to make sure the PAC is compliant and meeting all reporting deadlines. Works with Finance staff to make sure PAC quarterly reporting and independent expenditure reporting is on time and properly submitted. Works with Finance staff on PAC Treasurer training. Completes the Lobbying Disclosure Contributions report twice-annually on behalf of the Orthopaedic PAC. Works with PAC Executive Committee and all PAC Ambassadors to make sure they are versed in campaign finance law and fundraising in an efficient and legal manner.
  • Works to make the Orthopaedic PAC a more well-known brand by meeting with staff from national party committees, staff and well-known fundraisers to raise awareness of the PAC and advance AAOS’ political goals.
  • Serves as the AAOS liaison to the broader physician community relating to all political events. Participates in the Annual Physician PAC Forum and works closely with MaDPAC on increasing our visibility with Members of Congress in the fundraising field.
  • Manages all AAOS Political Events. Coordinates all AAOS-hosted political fundraisers and check delivery events Assists consultant in promoting events, confirming attendees, and strategic planning to maximize the impact they make to the beneficiary. Serves as host/lead for many events independent of MaDPAC or consultant to increase our reach while decreasing or soft dollar expenses.
  • Participates in the Specialty Physician and Candidate Workshop. Work on the agenda, help secure speakers, assist in the development of all marketing material, and assist with registration for the Specialty Physician and Dentist Candidate Workshop which trains on average forty physicians annually on how to run for office. Coordinate tracking system to record the successes and history of all Workshop alumni. Seek additional medical organizations to co-sponsor to continue to grow and offset the costs associated with the Program.
  • Serve as Lead Staff on all State Political Events. Manage Orthopaedic involvement in state political activities such as RGA and DGA. Coordinates staff and member attendance and works closely with state manager on message. Continuously explores new opportunities to increase the political footprint of Orthopaedic PAC.
  • Oversees activities at the AAOS suite at Capital One Arena. Serves as primary booker with members of Congress. Oversees staff with invoicing of booked events, catering for AAOS events, development and maintenance of calendar of events, and tracking all events. Staffs the suite as needed. Develops corporate and industry relations to help book the suite.


  • Up to 20% of time, including Academy staff events in Rosemont, Illinois.



  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree
  • Six years of government relations experience
  • Experience running a PAC through at least two election cycles
  • Supervisory experience
  • Skilled at networking and negotiating
  • Association Management
  • Knowledge of the legislative process and grassroots advocacy
  • Experience managing multiple projects, strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to convey concepts clearly and write effectively for each of various publication styles, including issue papers, web pages, newsletters, advocacy action alerts, fundraising appeals, year-end reports, event promotions, advertising copy and others
  • Strong interpersonal, writing and oral communication skills mandatory
  • Skilled at Word, Excel, PowerPoint


  • Corporate Fundraising
  • Ability in database management
  • Experience with industry-specific PAC and grassroots software programs
  • Familiarity with medical PAC community
  • Contacts with the Hill and Members of Congress

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Job posted: 2020-01-27