Airlines for America
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A lead contributor to A4A senior management team. Helps to establish and extend the voice of A4A and the U.S. airline industry and is a key developer of messaging and driver of communications strategy. Helps determine and shape A4A’s presence, advising on where A4A should be visible and in what forums and venues it should be present. This leader will have day-to-day responsibility for driving multiple communications initiatives to engage a wide variety of stakeholders and will work closely to provide communications support on regulatory and policy issues that affect A4A members. He or she will have visibility and responsibility to serve as an advisor to the A4A senior leadership team and the Board of Directors. This leader will develop media strategies/programs, respond to media inquiries as appropriate, and oversee all communications capabilities within departmental and campaign specific budgets. The Senior Vice President, Communications, will be expected to have sound judgment on how to best work with the media, either in a reactive or proactive manner. This executive will oversee the design and execution of a comprehensive communications strategy using multiple formats and media to increase awareness of the key goals and policy positions for A4A. He or she will drive a strategic communications agenda that creates a broader context around current issues and proactively addresses the strategic policy issues affecting air travel. He or she will advise the senior leadership team and department heads on strategic, high-impact, reputation-enhancing programs. Lead and help create a communications environment that is both strategic and opportunistic in promoting and protecting the industry. Recruits, develops and manages to ensure a high-performing team.


• As a main contributor and leader, develop, oversee and execute a multifaceted strategic plan that supports the mission and key objectives of A4A and its members, providing a framework and context for all communications and key messaging, continually measuring progress against goals.

o This executive will develop, execute, and oversee all A4A branding and advertising programs. As owner of the brand, ensures that campaigns in support of the brand, e.g. the influencer campaign, are well executed, with measurable results and continually evolve to best reach targeted influencers. o Develop crisis communications capabilities and manage all crisis communication plans.

• Lead the development and enhancement of relationships both internal and external through the promotion of A4A policy positions with national, regional and local trade associations and other key allies.

o Build and maintain relationships with media, third-party supporters/commentators and key external stakeholders, to create connections and understanding that impact receptivity and attitude toward A4A and governmental, consumer and industry issues and opportunities. Work cooperatively with Global Government Affairs, Legislative Regulatory Policy and the Chief Financial Officer to enact as appropriate Grass Roots/Tops initiatives, as they arise, in support of A4A initiatives. 2 o Maintain strong relationships with counterparts in congressional offices and at key government agencies, such as DOT, DHS, FAA, TSA, CBP and NTSB.

o Facilitate ongoing dialogue and information exchange across A4A and its departments to ensure consistent messaging, accuracy, and quality.

o Create means for two-way communication, including feedback and sharing of ideas and best practices.

• Maintain focus and discipline on highest-impact communications and target media, specifically DC media, national tier 1 and priority trade and traditional media in key geographies, as well as fully utilizing digital content, engaging social media and third-party supporters;

• Manage a broader team of six departmental employees o Build and lead by example a “high-energy” and creative departmental environment and team capable of planning and executing both strategic and opportunistic communications, confident in seizing the moment thoughtfully, producing concise, well-written and relevant messages and information in the most compelling style and visual format.

• This executive will have a demonstrated track record of leading, expanding and managing a diverse communications platform and creatively addressing multifaceted issues. He or she will have the instinct, self-confidence, and hands-on skills to develop strategies that deliver results consistent with customercentric business strategies of our members.

o He or she will possess a thorough understanding of policy and advocacy leadership at a senior level, including policy development and the ability to link advocacy efforts with business goals. This individual must have familiarity working for an industry that routinely faces significant reputational, legislative, regulatory and legal issues, and has a high profile external environment.

• This position demands a high degree of collaboration, energy, and critical thinking. This executive will be accomplished in building and protecting corporate reputation and issues campaigns through political and regulatory environments. This individual has the ability to manage decisively through ambiguity, driving business engagement to influence actions and behaviors across multiple departments.

o This person will have a collaborative style and will build and sustain relationships across key stakeholders and multiple levels of the organization. He or she will have the ability to gain consensus and build alignment.

• Demonstrates a strong understanding of business details, especially issues management, policy, future trends, and reputation excellence. Takes a systematic, structured view of situations, deconstructing them via a “deep dive” approach into their fundamental elements while staying focused on the big picture. Has the capacity to be open, persuaded by new information, and is comfortable at exploring areas where there are no right answers.

o He or she must have the maturity and ability to analyze situations and present respective recommendations.

• This person has a clear impact/results orientation and is able to set dynamic, compelling goals, ensure clear accountabilities and align the organization to deliver on commitments. Quality execution skills, the antennae to identify problems early and the ability to defend, protect, and strengthen the brand will be critical to success.

o Able to envision the future course of the business, identify market opportunities and position the business to capitalize on these. This executive will have the ability to think in multi-dimensional terms and be capable of both responding to change and anticipating future scenarios.

• Execute strategic, targeted A4A executive and board/member communications (as appropriate) that support A4A priority objectives, provide hands-on support in the development of speeches and external presentations; identify strategic/thought leadership speaking and conference opportunities that can be promoted.

o A lead A4A spokesperson effectively engaging and delivering messages on complex, controversial and high-profile issues in highly charged situations.

o Develop and drive strong message development across all communications outreach and initiatives, ensuring the most appropriate and impactful messages and visuals, across the full spectrum of communications, from social media to executive public speaking, including testifying 3 before Congress, ensuring all communications are effective in isolation, and integrated to leverage combined impact.

• Serve as lead to the A4A Communications Council, maintaining close working relationships with A4A member communicators and public affairs teams to engage in creating a “multiplier” communications effect;


• Ideal candidate will have a minimum of 15 plus years of experience, with steadily increasing responsibility preferably with airline industry/government experience.

• Thought leader who can provide counsel to C-suite leaders and influence those even outside of his/or her functional area. A proven strong manager of people, and a developer of teams with a history of delivering results against clearly defined objectives. Can focus on results even in periods of ambiguity.

• Experience managing large budgets, complex issues, and multiple campaigns or clients.

• Significant background serving as a spokesperson, preferably for complex or difficult issues/industries, with strong preference for broadcast experience and or background in media training.

• Highly organized, high-energy person capable of juggling multiple issues. COMPETITIVE BENEFITS: Choice of medical plans, plus free life, dental and vision coverage. 401k with matching contributions, airline travel privileges, tuition reimbursement plan.

HOW TO APPLY: Interested applicants should send cover letter, resume and salary requirements to, subject line JOA#17-01.


Job Posted: January 23, 2017