Social Media Strategist

01 May, 2022


Social Media Strategist

St Petersburg, FL

Social Media Strategist

Job Overview:

The Social Media Strategist is responsible for development and execution of Vitauthority’s social media strategy & content collection strategy. This includes daily content on a variety of platforms, amplification of brand identity and social presence, the ability to organize user-generated content from multiple sources for various departments, and growth of our community across all platforms. This person will plan & prep a social calendar unique to Vitauthority and aligned with current events and social trends. Additionally, the Social Media Strategist will coordinate execution efforts with a team to make sure all needed design, implementation, and optimization is done in relation to each brand’s focus and social strategy.

The position will report to the Brand Manager and Chief Marketing Officer.

Candidates for this role will have strong analytical skills to measure and adjust efforts to maximize brand exposure, account traffic, and have a keen emphasis on engagement on our social platforms.

They are a savvy writer (both short and long form) able to pick up a unique brand voice and visually creative or work to optimize (sometimes create) one for a brand when needed.

They have experience with funnels and flows beyond a social media account’s “4 walls” and is able to effectively attract new followers and bring current followers into owned media using a variety of tactics.

They are organized and not afraid to communicate with other departments, especially from a content perspective. For example, being able to collect user-generated content from our social channels and then pass them onto various departments for use in our overall advertising will be key.

They will also be working to create, grow, and manage a community of members (customers/followers) to continue engagement with our brands in these virtual communities.

They will work with a team to carry out these actions with unique content beyond custom product imagery, promotions, etc.

The candidates for this role will have a knack for creating content people are anxious to share and engage with.

Objectives and Responsibilities:

  • Strong social media platform skillset: Strategic understanding of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn (for B2B).
  • Ability to implement and track exposure and engagement metrics both natively and outside these various social channels.
  • Engage with our customer base/following to consistently acquire more user generated content for direct response advertising, website content, or overall brand awareness.
  • Build out & execute social campaigns strategically according to strategic initiatives/goals, promotions, and other content channels cadence.
  • Pitch & develop new content categories and ideas
  • Work in partnership with the team to develop engaging, interactive & informative social media content.
  • Creating images, videos, GIFs, and interactive pieces of content specific to each social platform’s best use cases.
  • Engage with followers and create Direct Message campaigns to bring to other owned media platforms.
  • Engage with all paid content’s reach to cultivate a healthy brand-to-prospect relationship on various social ads (personality in the comments is key!)
  • Help with search for influencers and coordinating with to execute various campaigns for growth and promotions.
  • Develop & maintain a library of content with metrics for future campaign strategy.
  • Implement a tangible and consistent process to keep up with social trends, channel shifts, and new content strategy.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • 1-3 years of experience in social media (building out your own brand/product counts!)
  • Strong writing skills and knowledge of what type of copy works for each social platform. This is not a 1-to-all posting role. You must have a deep understanding of what type of copy increases engagement, I.E. Instagram vs Facebook or Facebook vs Pinterest.
  • A prolific self-starter is a must. This role requires a lot of “find the answer” mentality.
  • Proper communication and initiation will be key so various departments are armed with more content as needed.
  • Proficient in Photoshop is a must. This person will have design help but needs to be very comfortable in Photoshop or a similar design platform for images.
  • Somewhat proficient in video-design. This person does not need to be a designer but knows their way around creating clips with previously shot content.
  • Strong ability to repurpose content at scale using various tools.
  • Experience with branded content is a plus.
  • In-depth knowledge of the latest best practices, tools, and trends on social media platforms, as well as sponsored/partner content protocols (Facebook, Facebook Live, Instagram, Instagram Stories, IGTV, Instagram Live, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)
  • A team player looking to grow beyond social
  • Enthusiastic spirit. We’re a fun team and need someone who brings energy with them each day.

Education and Experience 

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or a related field
  • 2+ years of experience 

Additional Details & Benefits 

  • Full Time with Competitive Pay 
  • Casual company environment, with a work hard/play hard culture  
  • 401k with company match
  • Health benefits after 90 days of employment
  • The ability to grow into a larger role and position with the right mindset and skill level

Notice to Recruiters — We do not work with outside recruiting agencies. Please do not solicit.  

This description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of responsibilities and qualifications. 

The position, duties, and qualifications are subject to change at any time. 


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Job posted: 2022-05-01