State Program Director, At-Large (Fixed-Term)

29 Aug, 2023


State Program Director, At-Large (Fixed-Term)

Working America
Washington, DC

Working America is the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO. With 4 million members, Working
America recruits and mobilizes people who do not have a union on the job in support of working
families’ issues.
The State Program Director, At-Large, is an at-large statewide position that leads the Working
America field canvass program, as well as builds Working America’s political and
organizational profile within the local progressive community. The State Program Director
works with the National Political Director and other canvass leaders to ensure the integration of
Working America’s program within the local labor and progressive community, secures in-state
funding for the organization, plans and implements programmatic and electoral campaigns,
ensures the quality of Working America’s member mobilization in the field, and builds the
Working America brand through media.
This is a fixed-term position with an end date of Nov. 15, 2024.
Reports to: National Political Director
Duties:  Work with National Political Director and canvass leadership to ensure that
membership recruitment and other canvass and organizational goals are met;  Represent the interests of Working America, within the State Federation and local labor
councils, AFL-CIO affiliates and allied organizations in the progressive community;
and work with AFL-CIO affiliated labor organizations & allied partners on a variety of
campaigns;  In coordination with the National Political Director & national staff, determine turf
selection and issue mobilization; work with National Political Director and national
staff to develop & implement state campaigns that encompass issues, organizing,
elections, mobilization & more;  Work with National Political Director and national staff to set goals and raise funds
within the state via donor community, unions, small and large individual donors,
foundations etc.;  Participate in member mobilization and activist duties as needed, based on local
priorities; manage state database of program activity and member activism;  Work with national staff & National Poltitcal Director to build state relationships withmedia (print, radio, TV, bloggers, etc.), be the lead spokesperson in the state, draft pressstatements and releases & grow the Working America brand;  Other duties as assigned.
Qualifications:  One-year experience as a field canvass director preferred;  Three or more years’ experience in electoral, labor or progressive politics;
 Knowledge of national and local structures of the labor movement;  Ability to effectively execute and direct voter contact & GOTV operations;  Leadership, team-building and strategic planning ability;  Ability to engage, mobilize and develop activists;  Ability to work independently in politically sensitive and high-pressure
environments;  Excellent problem-solving and relational skills;  Computer proficiency and strong written and verbal communication skills;  Ability to travel on a regular basis as needed;  Must be able to work irregular and long hours. Location:  Washington, DC
Position Type:  Full-time  FLSA Classification: Exempt
Starting salary is $61,638-$68,319. Includes medical insurance and 401(k) with employer
Working America is an equal opportunity employer. Working America is committed to
building a diverse workforce and encourages applications from women, people of color,
LGBTQIA and other non-conforming individuals, and individuals with disabilities. To apply, please visit our website at

Job posted: 2023-08-29