Strategic and Policy Communicator

18 Jul, 2021


Strategic and Policy Communicator

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Alexandria, VA


· The Candidate shall conduct research and develop draft information papers and/or other written reports that may be used by DSPO to develop, manage, monitor, evaluate, review, maintain, and reissue DoDI 6490.16, DoDI 6400.09, and other strategies and policies with DSPO equities.

· The Candidate shall provide administrative and logistical support in the coordination process:

· The Candidate shall collect comments from stakeholders; organize and consolidate comments; provide comments for DSPO to resolve; and track adjudication of comments from stakeholders. Track and monitor the implementation status of policy and strategy with DSPO equities.

· The Candidate shall identify and document strategy and policy issues/concerns and provide recommendations for resolution or alternate courses of action. Track and provide a monthly update on new or updated DoD or other Federal or public sector stakeholder strategies and policies with DSPO equities and their potential impact.

· The Candidate shall review new tasks, reports, briefings, audits, legislation, and related legislative documents and provide summaries to help DSPO determine impacts to DSPO strategy and policy efforts (directly and indirectly).

· The Candidate shall develop and maintain a centralized tracking mechanism for all inquiries and requests for information.

· The Candidate shall review DSPO responses for errors and inconsistency with DSPO policy.

· The Candidate shall develop and manage a centralized compliance review tracking mechanism to gather data and information on policy requirements and status on implementation of DoDI 6490.16 and DoDI 6400.09 with the Military Services and OSD Components, and provide a report of findings by 28 February each year.

· The Candidate shall gather information from internally and externally directed audits, compliance reviews, and inspections (i.e., Inspector General, Governmental Accountability Office, etc.). Track and monitor the implementation status of governmental recommendations associated with these audits, compliance review, and inspections the DSPO mission.

· The Candidate shall evaluate short-, mid-, and long-term actual and/or projected strategy and policy outputs and outcomes to gauge for effectiveness and efficiency. Provide a quarterly update on potential strategy and policy impacts to include any challenges, successes, congressional/public interest, and recommended courses of action.




The Candidate must possess Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations/Affairs


· The Candidate must possess 6 years of relevant experience

· The Candidate must have working knowledge of prevention (e.g., suicide prevention, interpersonal violence, community health, etc.)

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Job posted: 2021-07-18