US Policy Analyst

09 Oct, 2020


US Policy Analyst

Washington, DC

Job description

The PRI policy team provides tools and insight to international standard setters, signatories and policy makers to advance progress towards a regulatory and investment environment consistent with the implementation of the PRI’s Mission Statement and the Six Principles. The policy analyst will support the US policy team by providing administrative support, developing policy positions, writing well-researched briefings and letters, and collaborating with signatories and other stakeholders as needed. The policy analyst must be passionate about climate change and social justice. The policy analyst will report to the Head of US Policy, based in Washington, DC.

Core Responsibilities

  • Provide regular reporting to the Head of Policy and Director of Policy as required
  • Supporting the Head of Policy to (a) engage and work with PRI signatories, (b) develop relationships with key stakeholders (e.g. other investor networks, policymakers), (c) identify and take forward new signatory initiatives and collaborations on public and market policy-related issues.
  • Providing administrative support as needed for the US policy team, maintaining policy data on the CRM system (Salesforce), updating relevant webpages with US policy topics, and responding to external requests for information.
  • Preparing briefing notes and presentations for internal and external audiences on PRI policy activities including the Head of US Policy and the Director of Policy and Research at the PRI.
  • Developing draft policy positions, consistent with the implementation of PRI’s Mission Statement and the Six Principles, and writing policy briefs to support the activities of PRI’s signatory base.
  • Engaging stakeholders, particularly PRI signatories, to further develop policy positions.
  • Analyzing and synthesizing research on risks and sustainability challenges in the financial system and the broader economy.
  • Providing logistical support for the organization of PRI policy events.

Core Competencies

PRI expects roles at an ‘Associate level’ within the organisation to demonstrate skills across the following core competencies:

Business Awareness

  • Understands, and always works towards, the mission and the aims of the PRI
  • Is curious about what is happening in other parts of the PRI
  • Is Signatory centric – seeks to understand, listen and respond to Signatory needs
  • Understands own teams’ objectives and seeks to internalise them in own activities
  • Understands who does what at the PRI and uses the knowledge to complete activities


  • Approachable, credible and willing whenever engaging with colleagues
  • Actively and appropriately seeks input from others
  • Focuses on interacting with colleagues in a positive and open manner
  • Listens to what colleagues are saying, considers from different perspectives and tailor’s responses accordingly


  • Writes succinctly and clearly tailoring level of detail to the requirements of the end user
  • Communicates clearly and precisely and able to convey thinking comprehensively
  • Provides regular, clear and concise communications to manager, colleagues or other relevant people to keep updated on activities
  • Structures and prepares well-written, logical outputs with limited guidance and editing


  • Demonstrates self-awareness actively seeks feedback from others and acts upon it
  • Explores new ideas with an inquisitive mind
  • Questions the status quo and suggests new ideas
  • Seeks out opportunities to drive continuous improvements in ways of working
  • Open-minded attitude which welcomes change and new ideas


  • Prioritises and organises time effectively, focussing on the key organisational priorities
  • Develops ways of working and processes to execute and improve efficiency across the PRI
  • Methodically tackles problems, working with colleagues where necessary
  • Takes account of the needs of other colleagues and/or Signatories when considering how to execute a piece of work
  • Promotes and utilises effective project management skills

Technical Competencies & Experience


  • Previous experience conducting research and policy work, preferably including projects relevant to responsible investment and/or climate policy.
  • Solid understanding of investment practice, the structure and operation of the investment chain, and of the issues relating to sustainable financial markets and the incorporation of ESG factors into investments.
  • Excellent written communication and verbal presentation skills with the ability to deliver high quality briefings and reports with minimal supervision
  • A collaborative and consultative approach to working with others, willing to foster an inclusive working environment
  • Organized, self-starter, ability to learn quickly, and pay close attention to detail.
  • Collaborative spirit with strong teamwork capabilities.
  • IT/system skills (Microsoft Office, CRM, social media, webcasts)
  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, public policy, finance, natural sciences or international affairs required.
  • Language skills, other than English, are desirable
  • As this is a global role, international travel may be required.
  • Must be eligible to work in the US

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Job posted: 2020-10-09