Vice President, Government Relations

07 Apr, 2021


Vice President, Government Relations

Washington, DC

Major purpose of this job: The Vice President (VP), Government Relations is responsible for organizational strategy for government relations. Responsibilities include establishing URAC’s goals and strategies relevant to government sectors and management of advocacy, communications, and related functions. The VP oversees and leads interdepartmental efforts associated with government policy and government agency initiatives. As a member of the Executive Team, the VP has oversight for advocacy for URAC’s strategic goals and business interests. The VP advises on issues and opportunities related to government contracts and, in collaboration with the General Counsel, assures compliance under government contracting rules and regulations. The Vice President serves as URAC’s strategic advisor on government relations and public policy to the CEO, Board of Directors, URAC leadership and acts as primary liaison to government agencies and other policy stakeholders. The VP oversees policy and strategy development for federal and state government as well as the oversight of consultants at the state level and supervises the activities of the Manager, Health Policy and Government Programs. The VP works directly with government agencies at the federal and state level and is URAC’s key representative for activities of the NAIC and other relevant federal and state associations and organizations.

Job duties and responsibilities:

Advocacy and Policy Development:

Responsible for organizational strategy for government relations to include establishing URAC’s goals and strategies relevant to government sectors and management of advocacy, influence, communications, and related functions for the organization.
Manage interdepartmental teams to assess operational and financial impact on URAC of legislation, regulation, sub-regulatory guidance, and other state and federal legislative and government actions.
Direct URAC’s influence on, and response to, legislation, regulation, sub-regulatory guidance, and other government actions that impact URAC’s business or create business opportunities for URAC.
Oversee ongoing environmental scanning, research and monitoring of government activities or RFPs in support of URAC’s programs and business development objectives.
Initiate external communications messaging through content development of correspondence, presentations and other written or broadcast materials.
Act as a thought-leader and content provider to both internal and external audiences.
Execute educational activities that enhance internal staff understanding and knowledge of relevant public policy issues.
Manage corporate and departmental policies and procedures related to URAC government and stakeholder relations.
Provide supervision and direction to the Manager, Health Policy and Government Programs.
Stakeholder Management:

Establish and maintain relationships with federal and state officials, legislators, and regulators to assure URAC’s influence and value (“seat at the table”).
Establish and maintain relationships with government and related external stakeholder groups such as think-tanks, trade associations, and professional societies to further URAC’s business goals and recognition as an influential thought leader and subject matter experts.
Direct industry outreach efforts to providers, employers, trade associations, and other stakeholder groups who can support URAC’s state and federal strategies.
Guide and direct interdepartmental teams to provide actionable, relevant market research and intelligence to achieve policy objectives.
Develop strategies that enhance URAC’s profile as a thought leader and improve URAC program adoption in the market, working with and through other URAC staff and departments when advantageous.
Guide and direct activities of board committees regarding government affairs and public policy.
Guide and direct the activities of URAC’s Board Committee on Legislative and Regulatory Affairs.
Manage, maintain and enhance a database of state and federal government relations contacts using appropriate systems/tools.
Strategy Formulation:

Design and pursue strategies for advancing URAC’s business goals through state and federal government as well as legislative bodies.
Realize sales lead generation opportunities across all URAC program suites.
Manage state level consultants as well as interdepartmental teams to successfully gain federal and state government awareness and recognition of URAC accreditation and avoid threats to URAC programs.
Formulate and implement government related strategies to increase awareness of URAC and enhance URAC’s product attractiveness, primarily via recognition or mandate of URAC accreditation/certification in federal and/or states contracting and regulation.
Advise URAC leadership on strategies related to government initiatives, including recognition or mandate, as a business driver and for the development or revision of accreditation/certification programs.
Recognize URAC business opportunities and lead cross-functional teams to submit proposals to federal and state government for contracts and/or grants consistent with URAC strategic goals.
Manage interdepartmental projects involving federal government representatives and government programs, including overseeing project criteria, collateral, timelines, staff participation and strategy formulation.
Budget: Develop departmental budget and manage government relations activities consistent with budgeted expenses.

Perform other related duties as assigned.

Experience, knowledge, and skill requirements:

Ten years of government relations and/or policy experience or relevant experience and education comparable to perform job duties.
Successful track record of influencing senior-level executives, high-ranking public officials and key stakeholders.
Substantial knowledge of the federal and state legislative and regulatory processes.
Knowledge regarding federal Medicare and Medicaid policy, reimbursement models, and regulatory process.
Knowledge regarding the role accreditation plays in different healthcare sectors including managed care, employers, and provider organizations preferred.
Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
Ability to lead cross-functional teams to achieve a stated goal.
Strong written and verbal communication skills as well as excellent research and analytical skills are required.
Ability to effectively organize, manage and facilitate meetings and develop and maintain work plans. Technical proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office, (i.e., WORD, Excel, PowerPoint) is required.
Some travel may be required (i.e., up to 30%).
Ability to effectively communicate with technical and non-technical project team members.
Education and training requirements:

Bachelor’s degree required; graduate/law degree preferred.

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Job posted: 2021-04-07