VP, Public Affairs – Chief Lobbyist

15 Nov, 2021


VP, Public Affairs – Chief Lobbyist

Texas Medical Association
Austin, TX

DEPARTMENT        Advocacy


SUPERVISOR          EVP/Chief Executive Officer




Responsible for coordinating and developing legislative policies of TMA.




  1. Supports and implements the Association’s key legislative strategies as directed by the TMA Board of Trustees and TMA Council on Legislation.
  2. Oversees Advocacy Division staff and outside consultants.
  3. Monitors and represents TMA in state agency rule making and proceedings, and policy decisions of the Texas Legislature.
  4. Monitors and represents TMA in federal regulatory and Congressional legislative advocacy.
  5. Develops background information from all available sources, legal and legislative research, monitors publications; analyzes legislative briefs to determine their impact on the association.
  6. Provides appropriate information to Council on Legislation to facilitate its decision making processes, recommends policy and action alternatives.
  7. Serves as a liaison to other professional associations, organizations, interest groups and state agencies on legislative issues as directed by the Council on Legislation or the Director.
  8. Advises association committees, members, and staff on legislative initiatives, including advice on legislative procedures and political realities; responds to inquiries from multiple sources.
  9. Regularly meets with county medical societies, specialty societies, auxiliary and other groups on legislative or political topics, including legislative goals and activities; provides explanations of existing and proposed laws.
  10. Informs association members of legislative, judicial, and administrative activities and new laws through key contact alerts, legislative bulletins, newsletters, and hotline.
  11. Arranges testimony before legislative committees to support association positions; arranges for direct physician contact with legislators.
  12. Contacts legislators and staff to explain and advocate association positions.
  13. Locates and communicates with the key contacts of legislators to encourage local participation in the legislative program.



This position manages all employees of the division and is responsible for the performance management and hiring of the employees within that department.



Knowledge and Experience:

10-15 years of related industry experience. Master’s degree or J.D. preferred.

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Job posted: 2021-11-15