VP/SVP Government Affairs

05 Jun, 2021


VP/SVP Government Affairs

Fontas Advisors
New York, NY

Fontas Advisors a New York City and State Government Affairs consulting firm is seeking a Vice President/Senior Vice President for Technology Advocacy. This position’s primary role will be consulting with Fontas Advisors’ stable of tech clients, including Dell, SAS, and Intel. This individual will provide strategic advice on various issues and work with the client to identify partnership opportunities in New York City. This individual will also work with non-tech clients providing ample opportunities to work outside of the tech sector, build new relationships, and develop new skillsets. This individual will have strong interpersonal skills, government or political experience, and a desire to be part of an exciting and innovative team that is highly regarded by both NYC/NYS policymakers and private sector leaders.


Requirements Include:


  • Five years of experience in government or similar field with a significant background in government technology systems in NYC/NYS. Individuals must possess excellent interpersonal, communication, and writing abilities.


  • Candidate must have a thorough understanding of the technology systems used by New York City, as well preparing relevant policy analyses and developing strategies to advance the client’s interests. The individual would maintain the highest levels of ethical conduct and abide by NYS and NYC public ethics laws and compliance requirements.


  • A candidate should have a strong understanding of New York City Digital City initiatives, forward-looking technology, and tech policy.
  • A successful candidate should be highly motivated, with strong organizational, strategic thinking, collaborative skills, attention to detail, and an ability to work under pressure, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Applicants would work as part of the firm’s growing government relations team and represent the firm’s clients to advance policy initiatives before the NYC and NYS governments.




  • Inform/shape tech client priorities, including identifying procurement opportunities, positioning the client’s procurement response, developing advocacy campaigns to implement new and future technology in New York City.
  • Implement client advocacy campaigns.
  • Prepare meeting agendas, draft edit, and circulate various client materials (e.g., strategic memos, emails, etc.) to assist with the development and delivery of public-facing information.
  • Conduct research related to ongoing projects
  • Schedule and facilitate meetings with NYC/NYS government officials on behalf of the client
  • Build coalitions and effective partnerships within the advocacy, local stakeholder, and elected official communities of NYC/NYS.
  • Regular attendance at outside meetings and events is expected, including meetings that typically occur during breakfast or evening hours.


How to Apply:


  • Please provide a 2-3 page policy paper for the new Mayor-Elect that lays out a vision for modernizing NYC’s tech infrastructure. Take whatever direction you wish with this task.
  • Please provide a resume.
  • Email a resume and policy paper to: jobs@fontasadvisors.com

Job posted: 2021-06-05