17 Jan, 2023



Garfinkel + Associates
Bethesda, MD

Variety – you crave it. Teamwork – you enjoy it. And writing – you absolutely love it.

If this sounds like you, then come and get it – all of the above and much more – as a writer and project manager at Garfinkel + Associates.

Join us to write great copy for Fortune 500 companies, top communications firms, leading nonprofits and other great clients. Stretch yourself to master all sorts of interesting topics in finance, tech, business, health, education and more. Flex your imagination to create everything from tight taglines to comprehensive campaigns.

You may be a perfect fit for this Writer and Project Manager position if you can:

  • Reliably distill complex material into crisp marketing copy
  • Tackle unfamiliar subjects with smart questions and efficient research
  • Tell compelling stories with creative flair
  • Obsess over details while rigorously editing and proofing
  • Graciously embrace feedback and respond well to it
  • Juggle lots of responsibilities and deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Maintain a sunny attitude as you play well with others
  • Stay calm under pressure

But that’s not all. To really thrive here, you have to be a fast learner, a hard worker and a dedicated self-improver. You must be able to communicate clearly and forthrightly with colleagues and clients. And you need to be a well-organized, independent achiever as well as a flexible team player.

Applicants must bring plenty of relevant professional experience – ideally 10 years or more. Project leadership experience is preferred. Agency experience is a plus.

Ready to become part of an award-winning team that’s been wowing clients for decades? If you’ve got the right stuff, start the year by rewriting your career and apply today.

We welcome applicants from anywhere else in the U.S. We’re working remotely, and we’re open to full-time or part-time. Send your resume, a standout cover letter and 7 writing samples to jobs@brighterwriting.com.

Good benefits and competitive compensation based on experience.

Job posted: 2023-01-17