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20 Jul, 2017

Career Resources

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Career Resources

For Job Seekers

Thoughtfully planning out your career is key to success in public affairs or any field. The resources in the public affairs career center can help you prepare for your next move —  whether that’s advancing in your current company or making a job or career change externally.

Preparing well for a job interview cannot be overstated, from researching and understanding the mission of the organization you want to work for to anticipating the types of questions you might be asked. Heyman Associates offers these five strategies for acing an interview and tips for using your resume to best advantage.

Trade associations and professional societies are always looking for talented public affairs professionals to energize the advocacy and communications efforts of the industries and professions they represent. The American Society of Association Executive offers tips and guidance on what to expect when you work for an association.

Great career advice often comes from experts who specialize in helping people find job satisfaction. Recent articles in U.S. News & World Report and Fast Company ask career coaches and experts what was the best advice they ever received.

Finding that “dream job” is the ultimate goal of most job seekers. A recent New York Times article looks at the “incalculable value” of finding a job that you truly love.

For Employers

Retaining talent is a challenge in today’s workforce, but having programs in place to ensure your employees can grow and learn gives your organization competitive advantage. The Society for Human Resource Management offers advice on developing employee career paths and ladders and Fortune Magazine looks at the different types of growth opportunities that make your most talented employees want to stay put.

Deciding whether you should work with a recruiter when hiring for management and executive positions is not always clear. Here are some tips for hiring effectively with an executive recruiter.