Legal Guidance – Testimonials

05 Dec, 2012
legal guidance

Legal Guidance – Testimonials

“Ken was able to communicate complex laws and regulations in an effective and useful fashion. Ken’s the GREATEST!!” – Government Relations Associate

“Excellent meeting! The meeting was incredibly informative and flowed nicely.” – Director, Government Affairs, 2 years

“Ken was a perfect 10, as usual. He is an amazing database of knowledge, and gets the laws across in an understandable manner.” – Grassroots and Advocacy Coordinator, 5 years

“Not only was Ken very knowledgeable and experienced on legal issues, he was humorous and entertaining as well!” – PAC Manager/ Public Affairs Manager, 10 years

“There was no question Ken could not answer! A 10!” – Corporate Relations Manager, 2 years

“I really appreciate having the opportunity to hear Ken speak. I gained a lot of insight in the political overview process!” – Government Affairs Coordinator, 4 years

“Ken did a fantastic job giving an overview and breakdown of the ‘sticky’ issues. The conversational tone and format kept it interesting.” – Supervisor, Communications Projects and Programs, 4 years

“I thought Ken was excellent- providing great detail, as well as examples!” – Anonymous

“Very good speaker, bring practical experience together with legal perspective and humor.” – Director, Government Relations, 5 years

“Excellent! Ken is such an expert- most impressive in his ability to cover the topics at hand and answer every question.” – Director, Government Relations, 2 years

“Ken Gross has an amazing wealth of information and he does an excellent job conveying the information.” – Senior PAC & Grassroots Coordinator, 8 years