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20 Mar, 2017

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Public Affairs Compliance Rules & Strategies
May 2, 2017
Washington or Virtual


8:30 a.m.
Networking Breakfast

9 a.m.
Running a Compliant Campaign Finance Program
Organizations operating a PAC must be aware of the strict fundraising, solicitation and reporting rules governing the PAC’s activity. Election law expert Ken Gross will provide an overview of campaign finance rules impacting your organization’s federal-level PAC activities, including:

  • Rules for establishing and operating a PAC, including filing requirements, important limits and retention rules
  • Recent campaign finance law changes and how they affect PAC operations
  • Solicitation rules for the PAC, including who your organization can solicit, what constitutes a solicitation and avoiding coercion
  • Best practices for maintaining compliance with your PAC website, communications materials, gifts and incentives

10:15 a.m.

10:30 a.m.
Managing Your Organization’s Political Giving and Activities
Most organizations seek out additional opportunities to engage with candidates and elected officials. Learn more about the corporate ban on fundraising, political disclosure and how to use your facilities to engage with candidates. Ken will address:

  • The corporate ban on fundraising and related exemptions, including how to host a fundraiser at your office
  • Bundling rules under HLOGA and related prohibited activities
  • Ground rules for political site visits at your organization’s facilities
  • Corporate shareholder resolutions regarding disclosure of political activity

11 a.m.
Coordinating Multistate Political Giving: State Laws and Pay-to-Play
Each state and jurisdiction has its own complex campaign finance rules and restrictions. In this session, Ken will help untangle state laws and discuss what you need to know in order to manage your organization’s state-by-state political activity, including:

  • Corporate and federal PAC contribution rules and state and local campaign finance limits
  • Considerations for operating multistate PACs, including unique state laws impacting your activity
  • How to avoid pay-to-play violations and ways to manage internal compliance
  • Recent developments in state-level campaign finance law and recent enforcement actions

Networking Lunch

12:45 p.m.
Understanding Federal Lobbying Compliance, Grassroots and Gift Rules
Many lobbying and gift rules impact your organization’s activities. Ken will cover what triggers reporting requirements and rules surrounding your organization’s engagement with legislative and executive branch officials. Topics will include:

  • A breakdown of LDA and IRC lobbying registration and reporting requirements
  • Considerations for planning constituent events and hosting federal legislative and executive branch officials at your facilities
  • Gift rules that apply to federal legislative and executive branch officials
  • Details and implications of the new ethics pledge implemented by the Trump administration

1:45 p.m.

2 p.m.
Beyond the Beltway: State and Local Lobbying Laws
Many organizations are focusing lobbying resources on engaging with state- and local-level decision makers. Find out how to stay compliant across many jurisdictions through this discussion of:

  • State and local definitions of lobbying, and registration and filing requirements, including where grassroots activity triggers lobbying registration
  • State gift rules and related exemptions for legislative and executive branch officials
  • Recent state and local developments in lobbying and gift laws, as well as enforcement cases and actions that could impact your activities
  • Enforcement concerns and compliance strategies

3 p.m.