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Through the links below (login required) you’ll find articles, research publications, blogs and other resources designed to answer frequently asked questions about a variety of public affairs topics, including:

Can’t find what you need here? The Council maintains an extensive collection of sample resource materials contributed by our members, reports and other publications in all areas of public affairs. From strategic plans and sample communications to case studies and creative ideas, members need only tell us what they’re looking for and we’ll find it in our virtual resource library.

If your organization is a Council member and you’d like to receive materials from our library, please contact a member of our staff, or call us at 202.787.5950.

If you have an outstanding sample resource that you’d be willing to share with the Council community, please contact Rikki Amos. We frequently receive requests for PAC solicitation letters, organizational charts, job descriptions and issues management and crisis communications plans. We will gladly redact any identifying information from your documents at your request.