Why Companies Are Getting More Engaged on Social Issues

30 Aug, 2016

The Council's recent survey, Taking a Stand: How Corporations Speak Out on Social Issues, finds that, over the last three years, 60 percent have experienced rising stakeholder pressure to speak out on social issues such as discrimination, the environment, education and human rights. No respondents reported that pressure had...

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A Tall Order for Big Companies

10 Sep, 2015

Why don't people trust major corporations? And why don't they give them credit for trying to be responsible and sustainable? These may sound like simple questions, but as the newly released 2015 Public Affairs Pulse survey shows, they're not.

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Our Obsession With Millennials

24 Apr, 2015

The effect Millennials have on politics and business today may be exaggerated, but to ignore their future impact would be ill-advised.

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