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Public Affairs Management

We can help you engage with stakeholders develop issues management strategy benchmark performance integrate with other functions

How do I build or enhance my public affairs playbook?

By having a strong reputation, earning the trust and attention of external stakeholders, and building a strong team.

  • Turn to us for expertise through executive education, the latest research, articles and thought leadership, networking with peers or a live person to answer your most pressing questions.
  • Whether you need guidance on developing an issues management or stakeholder engagement plan, benchmarking your performance against your peers, integrating public affairs with other functions, or staffing your team for success, turn to us.

Check out our featured content below or call us with your questions.

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Earn Your Public Affairs Management Certificate

This certificate is for rising stars within the profession who are looking to strengthen their knowledge of best practices in public affairs management and enhance their expertise in leadership and strategy.

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State of Corporate Public Affairs Report

The State of Corporate Public Affairs is the most comprehensive report available on how major corporations manage, fund, staff and evaluate their public affairs functions. It includes timely data on the strategic role of public affairs; budgets and staffing; challenges public affairs executives face; how public affairs works with CSR, communications and other functions; and use of consultants and trade associations. Data includes the impacts of COVID-19 and diversity and inclusion hiring practices.

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Connect with Your Peers on Council Connect

Council Connect is our online, members-only community that allows you to share ideas and learn from your peers like never before!

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The leading annual event for digital comms and advocacy professionals. Hear new strategies, and case studies for energizing grassroots and policy campaigns.

Washington, D.C. | June 10, 2024