Impact – November

17 Nov, 2020

An active Council member since the ’90s, Board Chair Peter Wilkinson is setting a plan of action for the year ahead. He’s also taking the helm as both the first Canadian and international chair, with a first priority on diversity, equity and inclusion.

After each presidential election we ask the winning candidate to bring the country together. Nathan Gonzales explores why unifying the nation is going to be no easy task.

The race to moral high ground can lead us to advocate positions that don’t really help the people we think we are trying to help. Author and professor Justin Tosi explains the grandstanding phenomenon and its effects.

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From working on multimillion-dollar campaigns to communicating complex issues, Toyota’s public policy communications director discusses the art of messaging, what he learned as a reporter, and the importance of open discussions about social justice. He also shares why speech writing is like taking a long road trip.

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New research indicates that campaign finance reform efforts may be having the opposite effect.

Don’t believe everything you read until you consider your mood. We take a look at a study on how emotion plays into believing falsehoods – and the implications for voting behavior.

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What kind of expert are you? A subject matter expert? A leading expert? Our Impact editor dives into the inflation and ever-expanding variations of the term.