Impact – September

15 Sep, 2020

This is a time for open conversations about race, diversity and equity. It’s also a time to move beyond lip service to real action. Companies share the meaningful investments and actions they are taking.

Like major crises before it, COVID-19 will have lasting effects on society. Council President Doug Pinkham breaks down both the trade-offs and the opportunities before the public affairs profession as a result of the pandemic.

State and Local Government Relations Conference

Our interactive, virtual platform will bring essential strategies from top experts and elected officials straight to you. Sep 22-23.

Candidates need to win bigly this fall to avoid skepticism of the voting process. Nathan Gonzales explains why a peaceful transition of power may be at risk this year.

From outcomes to data to new programs, nonprofits are often caught in cycles that don’t produce the best results. If you’ve ever worked in the philanthropic world, you may relate to these conundrums.

Public Affairs Leadership Summit

Become an in-demand leader. Learn how public affairs pros are approaching management, government relations, diversity and inclusion, and more.

Traditional expressions of faith are eroding, so what’s filling the void? Founder and Director of Mockingbird Ministries David Zahl explores how we put more fervor and meaning into politics than ever and the effects on an already divided society.

Research on partisanship has a bright spot. You’ll want to check out these findings before you draft your next political communication.

Opinionated news articles may stem from our own expectations of the media. Find out more about the source of this skepticism, and the positive side effect of following local news vs. national news.

Alan Crawford write_stuff

Do you want the facts on your side? Take a moment to consider that scientific findings aren’t sound bites or made for PowerPoint slides. This month’s advice will help you weigh your words.