Membership Benefits – Executive Education

11 Dec, 2012


The Council offers more than 100 training and development programs each year, including large conferences, small workshops and webinars. Members receive registration discounts to participate in all of our events and are invited to members-only gatherings. 

What’s it like to attend a Council event? All of our meetings — big and small — provide high-value content in a format that is designed to engage participants. Member volunteers help choose topics, lead discussions, present case studies and share insights. Every program is carefully evaluated so that it may be further improved the next time around. 

Customized and On-Site Training

We can work with you to create a customized training program to be held at your facility. We can also create webinars to train or engage international executives. 


Want training without travel at an affordable price? Our webinars are accessible wherever you are and are also available on demand. Topics cater to the full spectrum of the public affairs field. 

Certificate Programs

The Public Affairs Council offers two certificate programs to strengthen practitioners’ expertise and prepare them for the next level of their career. The Certificate in Public Affairs Management and Certificate in PAC & Grassroots Management programs follow rigorous curricula focused on building core knowledge, compliance expertise and community involvement. 

Don’t see the specific training session you are looking for? Contact us for suggestions on ways to meet your educational needs, to share your ideas or to learn about upcoming events. 

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