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The Public Affairs Council’s Certificate in Public Affairs Management is geared toward current and rising leaders in public affairs. The program is designed to strengthen knowledge of best practices in public affairs management while also enhancing expertise in leading an integrated, collaborative and strategic public affairs function.

The program requires rigorous training in core public affairs management principles and comprehensive compliance training, along with various electives geared toward integration and collaboration that can be tailored to an organization’s needs and an applicant’s specific functional responsibilities.

In addition, the program requires significant contributions to the public affairs community. Participants are required to demonstrate thought leadership that advances the field, provide resources and guidance to others, and invest time and energy in building a stronger industry.

To complete the program, participants must earn 40 credits in the following areas:

  • Core public affairs management topics – 12 credits
  • Integration and leadership electives – 16 credits
  • Compliance management – 4 credits
  • Leadership in the public affairs community – 8 credits

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To apply for the Certificate in Public Affairs Management program, individuals must have a minimum of seven, but preferably 10 or more, years of experience during which they have demonstrated responsibility for function management, cross-functional leadership and/or strategy-level decision-making for public affairs. Interested parties must first submit an application. Typical applicants will finish the program in two to three years, but participants have up to five years to complete it.

Applicants must apply within 30 days of the first program that will count toward their certificate. Programs more than 30 days prior to the date of the application will not be counted toward certificate completion.

There is no fee to apply.

Download the application form here.

Download the self-tracking form here.

Program Details

The Certificate in Public Affairs Management program requires the completion of 40 credits over several – but no more than five – years. Completion requires training in four key areas: core public affairs management principles, compliance management, electives focused on integration and tailored to an applicant’s functional responsibilities, and thought leadership within the public affairs community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions? Contact:
Rikki Amos
Director, U.S. Public Affairs Practice
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