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Impact – January 2024


January 2024

Public Affairs Council Chair Roi L. Ewell looks back at how Council programming helped practitioners thrive in a business and political environment rife with risk, and how we’re preparing the profession for success, challenges and changes in the year ahead.

Control of the Senate next year is on the line in 2024, but what about control of the Senate for the rest of the decade? Nathan Gonzales looks at possible scenarios that could lead to the beginning of a political dynasty on Capitol Hill, as well as what could thwart it.


Find out why more than 2,000 organizations use VoterVoice to push their issues forward.

PAC managers are busy planning and refining their communications strategies for this election year. Experts share tactics they have in the works and how they ensure the plan is always evolving.

The political affairs director for the American Trucking Associations discusses her early career working on Capitol Hill in the days of “friendly rivalries” and “softball on the Mall,” and how the challenging environment of recent years has gained PACs a seat at the table that wasn’t there before.


This is a can’t-miss event for PAC practitioners. Join us for 40+ experts, 25 sessions, 8+ hours of networking and the warm temps of Fort Lauderdale.

A recent study draws on both cognitive science and political science to show how our perceptions of polarization are not always based in fact. Read on to learn about the tricks our brains play on us.

Keep up with the latest job changes in public affairs. With moves to Southern Company, X, McDonald’s and the American Chemistry Council, to name a few, stay in the know on where those in your network are headed and what they’re up to.

EDITOR: Alan Pell Crawford
ART DIRECTOR: Conrad Tolosa
ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Madalyn Flood, Helen Taylor
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Karla Chiang-Solis

Published by the Public Affairs Council, January 2024
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