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Impact – June 2024


June 2024

In January 2025, either the oldest or second oldest President in U.S. history will be sworn in on inauguration day, and voters are not being shy about expressing frustration with the ages of the candidates. Read on as Nathan Gonzales discusses how we got here and what role – if any – the voters have played.

Are companies’ political leanings shifting toward the Democratic party? Recent changes in corporate priorities and the party system have led pundits to predict this shift is coming, but are they correct? Amy Meli shares three trends that help answer this question.


Skadden advises clients on campaign finance, pay-to-play ethics, lobbying, and honest services fraud anti-corruption in connection with federal, state and local laws as well as the intersection of ESG scrutiny and political activity.

The 2024 Hogans Fellows have begun their cohort year. Learn all about them as they discuss what draws them to the public affairs profession as well as the challenges and opportunities they see ahead.

The director of political advocacy for Allstate discusses how the PAC industry has evolved during his 10 years with the company, what he learned from his time in broadcast journalism, and the music his mother introduced him to that led to his impressive guitar collection.


For 30 years, we’ve been providing compliance solutions to Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, law firms, and government affairs firms.

Think you’re good at sleuthing out AI-generated text? There are “tells” — some obvious, some subtle — that will help you spot text written by AI vs. humans. ChatGPT, and some human experts, have tips on telling the difference.

Your community is on the move. With new roles at Roku, Nissan North America, Inc, Aerospace Industries Association and Mondelez International, to name a few, keep up with your network and stay on top of the latest job changes in public affairs.

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Published June 2024
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