Corporate Speak – Quarantine Edition

18 May, 2020


Corporate Speak – Quarantine Edition

May 2020

Tempted these days to say something like this in your next Zoom meeting?

“Let’s unpack that idea, wipe it down, and burn the box it came in.”

Ysabel Yates and Ali Kelley in The New Yorker have updated corporate speak for the COVID-19 era, with excellent results. Here are a few:

“That was a big win — let’s play Clue next.”

“Get your ducks in a row, because I need to see some cute animals right about now.”

“The landscape is changing, I think —  I’m not really sure, I haven’t left the house in three weeks.”

“Let’s never go back to the drawing board — someone sneezed on it.”

For more, go to “Corporate Jargon Adjusted for Quarantine.

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