Director of Internal Justice, Equity, Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusion (JEDAI)

22 Aug, 2023


Director of Internal Justice, Equity, Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusion (JEDAI)

Center for Biological Diversity
Tucson, AZ

Status: Full-time Exempt


Reports to: Chief People Services Officer


Location: Tucson, AZ (may consider some remote locations)


Compensation: DOE $75,000 – $85,0000



The Center for Biological Diversity believes the welfare of human beings is deeply linked to nature — to the existence of a vast diversity of wild animals, plants and people. Because diversity has intrinsic value, and because its loss impoverishes society, we work to secure a future for all species, great and small, hovering on the brink of extinction. We do so through science, law, activism and creative media, with a focus on protecting the lands, waters and climate that humans, other species and all communities need to survive and thrive. We want those who come after us to inherit a world where the wild is still alive.


The root causes of extinction, habitat destruction, pollution, climate change and ruthless wildlife exploitation are also the driving forces of systematic oppression and the marginalization and exploitation of many human identities. The Center’s Internal JEDAI Director will work with our People Services team, our JEDAI committee and leadership to ensure justice, equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion continue at the center.



Position Overview


The Director of Internal JEDAI (DoJEDAI), will provide strategic and creative leadership to advance the Center’s inclusion, equity and diversity goals. As a member of the Leadership Team, the DoJEDAI will engage collaboratively across the organization to develop, monitor and report on actionable and measurable JEDAI goals, strategies, and metrics in alignment with organizational development goals. The DoJEDAI will support the development and implementation of proactive and integrative policies, strategies and practices that lead to a more inclusive work culture, a broad base of diversity knowledge, support of affinity groups, and genuine inclusiveness. A successful candidate will use dynamic tools, continuous innovation and learning to reflect this in the workplace, the programs we carry out and our partnerships. They will serve as an institutional resource in areas of diversity, structural racism, justice, disability, ethnic and religious tolerance, equity, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression.


The Director of Internal JEDAI, will also actively support the People Services department in their role of improving recruitment and hiring. This will include hands-on recruitment and creatively strategizing more efficient and effective ways reaching diverse candidates.


This highly strategic and facilitative position requires proven experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion training, coaching and an understanding of institutional and structural oppression as experienced in the U.S. The position also requires project management skills including research, planning, organizing, developing, and participating in and/or leading cross cultural/functional teams. In addition, this role requires experience in collaborative problem solving. We are looking for someone with a balance of empathy and pragmatism and someone who is a team player and leads by example to build trust and credibility.

The position requires someone who is committed to an appreciative inquiry approach, building a learning culture, and striving to help shape a positive, affirmative organizational culture.


Main Responsibilities




This person will be the Chair of the JEDAI committee leading the committee with the most current and relevant JEDAI techniques, ideas and tools to support our internal JEDAI efforts.

  • Manage the implementation and ongoing evolution of the JEDAI strategic plan with the JEDAI committee
  • Support programs and managers in JEDAI work, including facilitation training and support, suggestions for topics and activities for programs, preparation of meeting guides, etc.
  • Provide expertise, advice, and guidance on JEDAI programs, processes, and leading practices
  • Analyze all processes and procedures, both written and unwritten for improvement




  • Manage feedback systems (anonymous or otherwise)
  • Create, sponsor, and encourage employee groups supporting JEDAI initiatives
  • Identify, respond to, and engage people who are at different levels of understanding in regards to culture, diversity, and unconscious bias
  • Maintain an approachable demeanor to staff, leadership and our community
  • Evaluate current systems in the employee life cycle, to incorporate more JEDAI goals




  • Provide support to the affinity groups and ensure that staff groups are aided and their voices are heard
  • Provide support/outreach to staff of marginalized backgrounds (to promote inclusiveness/retention) in a way that allows those staff to weigh in on what that support should look like
  • Establish “justice”, “equity”, “diversity,” “accessibility” and “inclusion” expectations organization-wide




  • In collaboration with the Chief People Services Officer and the JEDAI committee, develop and coordinate resources, trainings, and other kinds of support for staff on internal work to address equity, race, class, gender, accessibility, inclusion, justice and the environment
  • Design and facilitate process by which recent JEDAI educational material is presented to new staff as a component of their onboarding during their first month at the Center




  • Under the direction of People Services, develop and implement recruiting strategies and practices to more effectively hire, onboard, and engage a diverse workforce. Actively reaching broader candidate bases and facilitating more diverse hires
  • Implement inclusive and equitable bi-annual reviews and feedback measures
  • Provide consistent and supportive management techniques to mentor, train and inspire their staff
  • Develop and disseminate diversity goals for annual recruiting and retention in partnership with People Services
  • Support People Services in recruitment efforts – such as posting jobs to various sites and onboarding new staff
  • Evaluate and update all job descriptions and performance evaluations for equity and staff success


  • Ensure Accountability through:
    • Annual JEDAI survey: Collecting, analyzing, and sharing data that demonstrates the relationship between JEDAI strategies and Center outcomes (such as turnover, recruiting, etc.)
    • Preparing reports required by government agencies for People Services.
      Ensure compliance with state and federal laws regarding discrimination based on race, gender, religion, national origin, disability status, age, sexual orientation, and other factors
    • Provide regular updates on diversity, equity and inclusion activities and progress across the organization, including all staff, leadership and board meetings
    • Responsible for completing and submitting EEO-1 and CA EEO reports annually




  • Demonstrated ability to exercise discretion; set and maintains standards for confidentiality, apply policies with consistency, use creativity in problem solving; ability to integrate information and use sound judgment and retain a positive outlook under pressure.
  • Demonstrated ability to clearly convey information and ideas both verbally and in writing. Resiliency, flexibility and capacity to be effective, maintain productivity, keep focus on results and use sound judgment are required attributes.
  • Demonstrated ability in assessing staff development needs and implementing training solutions as needed. Evaluate effectiveness and integrate in lessons learned for future staff training.
  • Ability to work collaboratively, building relationships and teams across functions. Ability to negotiate, influence and compromise. Ability to provide and receive feedback.
  • Proven track record of working with senior stakeholders to deliver JEDAI outcomes, 5 – 10 years of experience preferred.
  • At least 7+ years of HR or related management experience with increasing responsibility.
  • A proven track record of leadership effectiveness in implementing JEDAI initiatives and a history of achieving results through collaboration, strong influence and communication
  • Exhibit awareness or competency related to race/racism or deep connections to/knowledge of communities of color
  • Impactful relationship builder from the highest, executive levels to entry-level; able to influence important decisions
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Requires sound judgment and decision making skills.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and skills related to cultural humility
  • Demonstrated leadership, facilitation and mentoring skills
  • Demonstrated expertise in building positive relationships
  • Demonstrated outstanding consultation, coaching, and listening skills with the ability to effectively establish trust and credibility
  • Skilled in utilization of personal computers and Microsoft Office Programs (MS Office, Windows, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

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Job posted: 2023-08-22