Director of Public Affairs

06 Jan, 2021


Director of Public Affairs

Hubbell Communications
Portland, OR

You don’t apply. You enlist. 

This is the mindset at Hubbell Communications. This is more than a job. It’s a calling. 

Our brand was built around a core belief that better communications helps business and policy  leaders create better communities. This is why we specialize in helping communities address  complex challenges through integrated communications strategy, stakeholder engagement, and campaign management. 

The work we do sits at the intersection of business, policy, advocacy, and media. We specialize in a mix of public relations and public affairs, but our core expertise is understanding the biggest  issues affecting communities today, including healthcare, climate policy, education, and  community planning. We manage a diverse portfolio of corporate, industry association,  government, and non-profit clients working to address complex issues in energy, health and  wellness, transportation, land use planning and development, and environmental policy.  

Candidates for this position should have some familiarity working with some or all of these  industry sectors. 

Hubbell Communications was named one of the “Fastest Growing Companies” in our market in  2019 and 2020. As we continue this growth, we are looking for a new senior leader to join our  team. This is a high-profile position that requires a mix of hard and soft skills – with a premium  on excellent leadership and agency management skills.  

We are an agency that welcomes diverse people, voices, backgrounds and experiences – lived and  otherwise. 


You are: 

  • An experienced, senior-level agency professional with 8-10 years of experience in public affairs consulting.
  • A veteran organizational manager with an ability to coach project teams through the creation of complex campaigns in a variety of business and policy sectors.
  • A savvy business development leader with a growth-minded, entrepreneurial spirit. An adaptable communications practitioner comfortable working across multiple verticals – from corporate communications to advocacy communications to government relations. An excellent writer with a proven ability to develop publishable content for both clients and the agency.
  • A strong understanding of the changing forces in the communications landscape – and an understanding of both traditional media and emerging trends in data, analytics, and social media influence. 
  • An ability able to handle multiple projects, deadlines, and assignments while maintaining our rigorous standards for high-quality work.
  • A believer in the importance of company culture – and adhering to the core values that  allow that culture to thrive.  

There are specific skills required for this position: 

  • Knowledge of public policy issues and industry experience working with clients in  healthcare, energy, education, transportation, and/or land use planning and development. Excellent writing skills and a proven ability to condense information into proposal, plans,  and client-ready communication with minimal to no oversight. 
  • Confidence navigating complex client relationships and experience managing incoming  client requests. 
  • Strong internal communications skills with an ability to build relationships and problem  solve with internal project teams and partners. 
  • Proven client services experience with an ability to manage evolving needs and incoming  requests – including managing teams and staff who needs guidance on tactical deliverables. 
  • Strong presentation skills and confidence speaking in front of groups of people – including  experience pitching new business, giving on-the-record media interviews, and presenting  at conferences and events. 
  • Experience working for a public relations/public affairs agency and/or an in-house  corporate communications team. 
  • An understanding of the agency / consulting culture, including meeting client demands,  handling client relations, and ensuring client needs are consistently met. 

This position will be primarily based in our Portland headquarters. However, we will consider  strong candidates based in comparable metropolitan regions, including Seattle, Boise, or Denver,  with the expectation there will be some degree of travel required if out-of-state.   


Hubbell offers all full-time employees a leading-edge benefits package, including healthcare insurance coverage, 401k/retirement benefits, an unlimited paid-time off policy, paid maternity /  paternity leave, and a flexible remote work policy.  

To apply, send resume and cover letter to


Job posted: 2021-01-06