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Federal Legislative Director

Federal Legislative Director
Organization: U.S. PIRG
Location: Washington, DC
Date Posted: 11/14/2023

U.S. PIRG Federal Legislative Director Position

Overview: U.S. PIRG is looking for a Federal Legislative Director to lead our D.C.-based advocacy team. Our mission is to address societal issues related to health, wellbeing, and the environment. We advocate for solutions like the right to repair, a healthy environment, and consumer protection.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Federal Policy Advocacy:
    • Develop and advance federal policy agenda.
    • Focus on consumer rights, environmental laws, and healthcare cost reduction.
  2. Fundraising:
    • Solicit funds from charitable foundations and individual donors.
  3. Team Management:
    • Recruit and oversee staff, interns, and volunteers.
  4. Lobbying:
    • Lobby Congress and the federal government on policy priorities.
  5. Relationship Building:
    • Build collaborative relationships with legislators, agencies, and coalitions.
  6. Media Representation:
    • Serve as a spokesperson for U.S. PIRG in the media.
  7. Content Creation:
    • Write materials for lawmakers, the public, and the media.

Qualifications: The ideal candidate should be:

  • An experienced communicator with strong writing and speaking skills.
  • Creative, effective at problem-solving, and a strategic thinker.
  • A people-person with access-building skills.
  • Well-organized, capable of managing multiple projects independently.
  • Experienced in advocacy, organizing, coalition building, or campaign politics (minimum 5 years).

Additional Qualifications:

  • Track record of collaboration across diverse views.
  • Experience in legislative offices or related organizations is a plus.

Benefits: Starting compensation: $38,000-$65,000 (depending on experience and location). Comprehensive benefits package, including medical, dental, vision insurance, paid time off, 401(k), parental leave, disability insurance, and training opportunities.

Mission and Values: Explore ten reasons to work with PIRG: PIRG Reasons

U.S. PIRG is part of The Public Interest Network, committed to a better world. Learn more about our values: PIRG Core Values

Equal opportunity employer. COVID-19 safety measures in place.

About PIRG: PIRG advocates for the public interest, addressing issues affecting health, safety, and wellbeing. Our mission is to find new solutions to societal problems by promoting sustainability and responsible consumption.

Closing Note: In a society driven by consumerism, we strive to refocus on what truly matters. Join us in making choices that benefit health, community, and the environment. With a 50-year track record, we empower our staff to overcome challenges and achieve real results for the public interest.

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