Vice President, Communications

11 Nov, 2019


Vice President, Communications

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
Washington, DC
The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (National Alliance) is the leading national nonprofit organization committed to advancing the public charter school movement. Our mission is to lead public education to unprecedented levels of academic achievement by fostering a strong charter movement.
When given the option, parents increasingly are choosing to enroll their children in public charter schools. In most communities, the demand for charter schools is far outpacing the supply. What began as a small movement in a couple of states has grown into a major force in education reform. Today there are more than 7,000 charter schools in 42 states and Washington, D.C., educating over 3 million students.
The work of the National Alliance and the charter school movement itself has never been more current, visible, and vital. With increased growth, public awareness, recognition, and parents’ increased appetite for school options, charter schools are poised to make a lasting, positive and measurable impact on the public education system. At the same time, the work to increase the number of high-quality is not easy; there are well-resourced opponents of charter schools that are organized better than ever before in their attempt to halt our progress. Fueled by a sense of possibility and recognizing the struggles we face, the National Alliance is seeking a leader who can make the most of this opportunity and fulfill its potential.
The National Alliance occupies a critical role in the charter movement: as a leader in federal education policy, as a major force for improving state charter policy and advocacy, and as a prominent national voice in the policy and public discourse on public charter schools. In order to support the growth of a high-quality charter school community, we work to:
  • Fuel the growth of high-quality public charter schools by advocating for increased public funding of charter schools;
  • Improve the overall health and perception of the movement in order to increase our political influence with policymakers; and
  • Shape federal and state policy to create the climate in which high-quality charter schools can grow.
The National Alliance speaks and advocates for the millions of students attending and hoping to attend a charter school. Through our advocacy efforts at the federal and state level, our legal activities, our research, and our national communications work, we ensure lawmakers, the media, opinion-shapers, public charter school leaders, thought leaders, and the general public understand what charter schools are, the promise they hold for our children, and how best to promote the growth of high-quality, innovative schools nationwide. Additional information about the National Alliance can be found at

The National Alliance is currently seeking a savvy, dynamic, and seasoned Vice President for Communications (VP Comms) to join our team.
Reporting to the CEO, the VP Comms is a highly strategic role, responsible for both the development and implementation of the organization’s communications and public relations strategy during a critical time for the charter school movement. The individual will serve as a trusted communications advisor to both the leadership team and the Board of Directors, as well as manage all communications functions at the National Alliance. This leader will bring an enthusiasm, urgency and clear vision to the National Alliance’s communications to help the organization advance and achieve its mission and strategic goals at a time when the charter school movement is under heightened scrutiny.
Specifically, the VP Comms will:
  • Strategize: Develop and operationalize a comprehensive communications plan to advance and defend the public charter school movement, the brand of the National Alliance, and the National Alliance’s federal and state advocacy goals. Plan will include not only proactive outreach, but campaign style rapid response, and the identification, development and activation of spokespeople, partner organizations and third parties who can strengthen public trust in charter schools and amplify key messages.
  • Build: Identify communications-related capacity gaps across the movement and expand and create the tools, collateral and support that will be most helpful for schools, partners and other stakeholders to reinforce positive brand identity and consistent messages about public charter schools.
  • Execute: Ensure that key messages reach core audiences and are delivered through the appropriate communications channel. Leverage partner organizations and create new relationships to expand our reach.
  • Engage: As the organization’s leading communications professional, engage third parties, partner organizations and the national media to strengthen the brand of the charter school movement.
  • Lead: Develop and lead a team of communications professionals, outside consultants and vendors to execute against communications goals. Create operating plans and manage budgets in support of the work.
Serve as a leader at the National Alliance. Work closely with the President & CEO of the National Alliance and the government relations, advocacy and development teams to provide leadership and guidance on achieving federal and state policy goals.
Liaise with funders and partner organizations. Foster close working to generate and maintain support for our marketing and communications work, and amplify the impact of charter schools.
  • Communications experience: significant experience and demonstrable success as a senior-level strategic communications professional, with expertise in: advocacy or political campaigns, internal and external communications, crisis communications, and media relations, both print and digital
  • Political savvy: deep understanding of how communications supports policy efforts at the state and federal levels. Professional experience in Washington, DC or at the national campaign level is strongly preferred
  • Management experience: previous experience and a successful track record in a senior management role and as a member of an executive team
  • Innovative and strategic thinking skills: demonstrated ability to create and implement and implement marketing plans, and problem solve effectively to achieve goals
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communications skills: ability to build alliances and consensus amongst those with divergent approaches. Ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally both one-on-one and with groups to gain support from colleagues, board members, funders, and other influential stakeholders
  • Education reform: passion for education reform and an eagerness to learn the nuances in education policy and reform; existing knowledge of education issues and policy a plus
  • Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: Belief that diversity of perspective results in better outcomes on your team and in the organization, and a desire to establish an inclusive environment that fosters open feedback and growth


Job posted: 2019-11-11