08 Sep, 2017



Call on us to speak to your senior management, public affairs team, PAC board, grassroots advocates or association members. We’ve keynoted at major conferences, facilitated at strategic planning retreats and spoken at global company events.

Here is a list of senior staff and their most popular presentation topics:


Doug Pinkham, President

  • The Strategic Role of Public Affairs
  • Corporations as Social Policy Leaders
  • What Americans Think about Business
  • Public Affairs in Times of Crisis
  • The Art of Story Telling
  • Public Affairs Disruptors
  • How to Measure Public Affairs
  • Trends in Global Public Affairs Management

Rikki D. Amos, Director, U.S. Public Affairs Practice

  • Measuring and Communicating the Value of Public Affairs
  • Aligning Corporate Responsibility and Government Relations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Best Practices and Trends in Advocacy

András Baneth, Managing Director, European Office

  • Public Affairs Strategies for Europe
  • Communicating Science to Non-Experts
  • Digital Advocacy
  • Politics and Lobbying in the EU

Kristin Brackemyre, Manager, PAC and Advocacy Practice

  • Campaign Finance Law
  • Grassroots Engagement
  • Political Action Committees (PACs)

Nick DeSarno, Manager, Digital and Communications Practice

  • Emerging Digital Public Affairs Trends
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Social Media for Reputation Mangement
  • Grassroots Advocacy

Rikki Amos
Director, U.S. Public Affairs Practice
202.787.5973 | email