Public Affairs in Brazil

24 Mar, 2016

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Public Affairs in Canada

23 Mar, 2016

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An Update on Public Affairs in Russia

13 Jan, 2016

Our guide covers the basics of public affairs in Russia, as well as recent economic and political developments that could affect your function’s operations in the region — and how to respond accordingly.

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Public Affairs in China

09 Dec, 2015

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Lobbying and Public Affairs in the EU

27 Jan, 2015

How many officials are working in the 28-nation EU today? And how many groups are clamoring for their attention? This new Council infographic provides useful facts and figures about EU membership, staffing and procedures, along with best practices for public affairs in the region.

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How the EU and MEPs Operate

30 Sep, 2014

One of the most important things to know about EU-level decision-making is that it takes a long time to enact new policy. Policymaking can take two to four years (including preparatory time), so patience, persistence and understanding are key. This members-only presentation simplifies major processes at play.

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Campaign Finance in South America

16 Jan, 2014

Brazil and other young democracies in South America offer new opportunities for political involvement in the region. But when it comes to campaign finance, it’s crucial to know the rules before you act. This brief resource will help.

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