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Creative PAC Communications and Solicitations

Virtual Workshop

Creative PAC Communications & Solicitations

July 17, 2024
1:30 p.m.−4:30 p.m. ET

Do your PAC communications and solicitations need a refresh? Join us for ideas, tips and inspiration to boost your PAC’s engagement.

Cutting through the noise of emails, other organizational campaigns and competing priorities can make it difficult to ensure your PAC’s voice is heard.  This workshop will provide creative ways to cultivate your PAC communications and solicitations to gain the attention of your eligibles.

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Our experts will cover:

  • Best practices for PAC communications, including attention-grabbing emails and themed campaigns
  • How to brainstorm, set goals and plan your content for the year
  • Case studies of creative PAC communications and solicitations

1:30 p.m.

Developing an Outstanding Content Strategy

PAC communications should inform, engage and motivate. Tailoring each communication to meet these goals will guide your strategy and lead to better outcomes. This session will ensure your PAC campaign materials focus on education while telling a persuasive story and demonstrating value.

Join us and hear from PAC experts on:

  • Determining a solid content strategy that advances your program’s goals and helps motivate your PAC community
  • Best practices in content creation and distribution
  • Optimizing existing organizational events and key communications opportunities
Meg Novak Sr. Associate Director, Political & Grassroots Programs
American College of Cardiology
Sherry C. Smith Manager, Political Affairs

2:30 p.m.


2:45 p.m.

Running a Successful Solicitation Campaign  

Executing a successful solicitation plan requires strategy, creativity and proper planning. This session will focus on the essential elements to attract new PAC donors and maintain previous ones, such as identifying the best mediums for outreach, target audience, budget and follow-up strategies.

Hear directly from PAC practitioners on planning and executing successful solicitation campaigns, including:

  • Advice for segmenting your eligible class and tailoring solicitations
  • Best practices for written PAC solicitations, while incorporating components such as visuals, videos, events and more
  • Creative ways of communicating incentives like PAC Match and incorporating key strategies such as peer-to-peer
  • How to turn your PAC presentations and pitches into engagement tools
Janelle Pepe PAC Manager
Koch Industries
Joanne E. Woodward Government Affairs Representative & JDPAC Treasurer
John Deere

3:45 p.m.


4:00 p.m.

Case Study in Impactful Content

After examining how to structure and deliver your content and solicitation campaigns, you’ll hear from an expert who has employed creative strategies to grow their PAC. They’ll share key insights and lessons learned that you can apply to your own PAC programs.

4:30 p.m.


Meg Novak Sr. Associate Director, Political & Grassroots Programs
American College of Cardiology
Janelle Pepe PAC Manager
Koch Industries
Sherry C. Smith Manager, Political Affairs
Joanne E. Woodward Government Affairs Representative & JDPAC Treasurer
John Deere

This program is eligible for 2 PAC credits toward the Certificate in PAC & Grassroots Management.


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