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Brussels Public Affairs Forum 2023

The international political landscape is rapidly changing. With emerging global powers, regional conflicts and transnational issues shaping the agenda, European capitals have to balance an unprecedented number of competing priorities and find common ground with diverse partners.

In order to adapt to an increasingly fragmented global landscape and respond to growing government and public expectations, businesses need to anticipate trends, understand the impact of global risks and manage an increasingly complex set of issues and stakeholders.

How can public affairs teams play a leading role in helping their companies manage this growing complexity and continue delivering value as a new era emerges for global businesses?

Brussels Public Affairs Forum 2023 Digital Agenda

Brussels Public Affairs Forum 2024

19 June, 9:30am – 16:30pm CET Brussels
In-person, full day event


Amanda Crafford
Program Assistant, European Office
+32 476.639.503 | [email protected]